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Masson, R Paul:


Title: Long-Term Tendencies in Budget Deficits and Debt

Author: Mussa, Michael ; Masson, R Paul

Series: Working Paper No. 95/128

Date: December 1, 1995

Notes: Paper was presented at a symposium, "Budget Deficits and Debt: Issues and Options," held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on September 1-2, 1995, and sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Subject: Debt Social policy

Title: France : Financial and Real Sector Issues

Author: Masson, R Paul

Series: Books

Date: October 20, 1995

Title: International Evidenceon the Determinants of Private Saving

Author: Masson, R Paul ; Tamim Bayoumi ; Samiei, Hossein

Series: Working Paper No. 95/51

Date: May 1, 1995


Title: The Credibility of the United Kingdom's Commitment to the Erm : Intentions Versus Actions

Author: Masson, R Paul

Series: Working Paper No. 94/147

Date: December 1, 1994

Notes: Presents estimates of a model of the credibility of the U.K. commitment to its central parity against the deutsche mark during the period of U.K. ERM membership (1990-92).

Subject: Exchange rate policy United Kingdom

Title: Credibility of Policies Versus Credibility of Policymakers

Author: Masson, R Paul ; Drazen, Allan

Series: Working Paper No. 94/49

Date: May 1, 1994

Subject: Economic policy Monetary policy


Title: Financial Sector Reforms and Exchange Arrangements in Eastern Europe

Author: Calvo, Guillermo ; Borensztein, Eduardo ; Masson, R Paul ; Kumar, S. Manmohan

Series: Occasional Paper No. 102

Date: February 15, 1993

Notes: Part I. Financial Markets and Intermediation, by Guillermo A Calvo and Manmohan S Kumar; Part II. Exchange Arrangements of Previously Centrally Planned Economies, by Eduardo Borensztein and Paul R Masson.


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