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Clark, B. Peter:




Title: Filtering the Beer : A Permanent and Transitory Decomposition

Author: Clark, B. Peter ; MacDonald, Ronald

Series: Working Paper No. 00/144

Date: August 1, 2000

Subject: Real effective exchange rates


Title: Fixed Investment and Capital Flows : A Real Options Approach

Author: Chan-Lau, A Jorge ; Clark, B. Peter

Series: Working Paper No. 98/125

Date: August 1, 1998

Subject: Investment


Title: Exchange Rate Volatility, Pricing to Market and Trade Smoothing

Author: Faruqee, Hamid ; Clark, B. Peter

Series: Working Paper No. 97/126

Date: October 1, 1997

Subject: Exchange markets


Title: Asymmetry in the U.S. Output-Inflation Nexus : Issues and Evidence

Author: Laxton, Douglas ; Clark, B. Peter ; Rose, David

Series: Working Paper No. 95/76

Date: August 1, 1995

Notes: Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 43, No. 1, March 1996.

Subject: Inflation Monetary policy United States