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Sharer, L. Robert:


Title: Trade Liberalization in Fund-Supported Programs

Author: Sharer, L. Robert ; Sorsa, Piritta

Series: World Economic and Financial Surveys

Date: February 13, 1998


Title: Regional Integration and Baltic Trade and Investment Performance

Author: Sharer, L. Robert

Series: Working Paper No. 97/167

Date: December 1, 1997

Subject: Investment


Title: Adjustment for Growth : The African Experience

Author: Tahari, Amor ; Nowak, M. ; Hadjimichael, T. Michael ; Sharer, L. Robert

Series: Occasional Paper No. 143

Date: October 15, 1996


Title: Uganda : Adjustment with Growth, 1987-94

Author: De Zoysa, R. Hema ; Sharer, L. Robert ; McDonald, A Calvin

Series: Occasional Paper No. 121

Date: December 1, 1995