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Iqbal, Zubair:




Title: Trade Reform and Regional Integration in Africa

Author: Iqbal, Zubair ; Khan, S. Mohsin

Series: Books

Date: December 3, 1998


Title: External Finance for Low-Income Countries

Author: Iqbal, Zubair ; Kanbur, M. Ravi S.

Series: Books

Date: September 12, 1997

Title: External Stability Under Alternative Nominal Exchange Rate Anchors : An Application to the GCC Countries

Author: Iqbal, Zubair ; Erbas, Nuri S.

Series: Working Paper No. 97/8

Date: January 1, 1997

Notes: This paper was presented at the Eleventh Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, Istanbul, August 21-24, 1996.

Subject: Bahrain Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates


Title: Islamic Banking

Author: Mirakhor, Abbas ; Iqbal, Zubair

Series: Occasional Paper No. 49

Date: March 19, 1987


Title: Developments in International Trade Policy

Author: Kirmani, Naheed ; Pérez, L. Lorenzo ; Anjaria, J. Shailendra ; Iqbal, Zubair

Series: Occasional Paper No. 16

Date: November 25, 1982