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Export credits:


Title: Official Financing for Developing Countries

Series: World Economic and Financial Surveys No. 1995/011

Date: December 1, 1995

Notes: By a staff team in the Policy Development and Review Department led by Anthony R. Boote and comprising Ray Brooks, Mariano Cortes, Paulo Drummond, Christopher Jarvis, Reva Krieger, Toshiro Nishizawa, Doris Ross, Kamau Thugge.

Subject: Arrears Debt burden Debt service Export credits External debt International trade Public and publicly-guaranteed external debt

Title: Officially Supported Export Credits: Developments and Prospects

Author: Jarvis, J. Christopher ; Horváth, Balázs ; Kuhn, G. Michael

Series: World Economic and Financial Surveys No. 1995/003

Date: December 1, 1995

Notes: 1986. By Eduard Brau, K. Burke Dillon, Chanpen Puckahtikom, and Miranda Xafa (under the title Export Credits: Developments and Prospects). 34 pp. ISBN 0-939934-69-8. Stock #WEO-586. 1988. By K. Burke Dillon and Luis Duran-Downing, with Miranda Xafa. vi+47 pp. ISBN 1-55775-006-8. Stock #WEO-588. 1990. By G. G. Johnson, Matthew Fisher, and Elliot Harris. vi+43 pp. ISBN 1-55775-139-0. Stock #WEO-590. 1995. By Michael G. Kuhn, Balazs Horvath, and Christopher J. Jarvis. vii+47 pp. ISBN 1-55775-480-2.

Subject: Commercial banks Credit Economic sectors Export credits Exports Financial institutions International trade Money Public sector


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