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Title: Portfolio Performance of the SDR and Reserve Currencies: Tests Using the ArCH Methodology

Author: Temel, Tugrul ; Papaioannou, G. Michael

Series: Working Paper No. 1993/010

Date: February 1, 1993

Notes: Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 40, No. 3, September 1993.

Subject: Commodities Currencies Exchange rates Foreign exchange Gold Money National accounts Return on investment


Title: The Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Lessons for Currency Reform

Author: Spencer, G. Michael ; Garber, M. Peter

Series: Working Paper No. 1992/066

Date: July 1, 1992

Notes: Investigates currency reforms undertaken subsequent to the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918.

Subject: Banking Commodities Credit Currencies Currency reform Financial institutions Gold Loans Money


Title: Sticky Exchange Rates and Flexible Prices: A Heretic View From the Interwar Period

Author: Gulde, Anne ; Wolf, C. Holger

Series: Working Paper No. 1991/124

Date: December 1, 1991

Notes: Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 39, No. 3, September 1992.

Subject: Commodities Exchange rate arrangements Exchange rate flexibility Exchange rates Foreign exchange Gold Real exchange rates


Title: $name

Author: Robert A. Mundell

Series: Working Papers

Date: January 1, 0001

Subject: Balance of payments Balance of trade Gold




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