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Title: The Drivers, Implications and Outlook for China’s Shrinking Current Account Surplus

Author: Pragyan Deb ; Gjonbalaj, Albe ; Hannan, Swarnali

Series: Working Paper No. 19/244

Date: November 8, 2019

Subject: Accounting Aging Assets Balance of trade Bank deposits Bilateral trade Bonds Capital Capital account Capital flows Capital inflows Capital outflows Centrally planned economies Commodities Commodity markets Commodity prices Comparative advantage Consumer goods Consumption Credit Credit demand Credit policy Currencies Current account Current account balances Current account deficits Current account surpluses Debt Demand Development Domestic credit Domestic savings Economic sectors Economies Equilibrium (Economics) European Union Exchange rate appreciation Exchange rate depreciation Exchange rate regimes Exchange rates Export growth Export markets Export prices Exports Financial account Financial crises Financial systems Fiscal balance Fiscal policy Fixed exchange rates Flexible exchange rates Foreign currency deposits Foreign direct investment Foreign exchange Foreign exchange reserves Fuels Global imbalances Goods Government expenditures Gross domestic product Household consumption Housing Import prices Import substitution Import tariffs Imports Income accounting Income inequality Industry Inflation Infrastructure Institutional investment Interest rates International investment position International monetary system International reserves International trade Intervention Investment Liabilities Loans Manufacturing Market economies Migrations Monetary policy Oil Oil prices Patterns of trade Pension funds Policy instruments Population Prediction theory Price increases Prices Private consumption Private sector Production Products Profit margins Public investments Purchasing power Reserve assets Reserves Risk management Savings Services Services sector Social policy Social safety nets Stocks Structural fiscal balance Tariffs Taxation Taxes Touris