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Title: Modelling the Yield Curve

Author: Taylor, P. Mark

Series: Working Paper No. 91/134

Date: December 1, 1991

Title: The CFA Franc Zone : Currency Union and Monetary Standard

Author: Boughton, M. James

Series: Working Paper No. 91/133

Date: December 1, 1991

Subject: Monetary unions

Title: Banking Policy and the Pricing of Deposit Guarantees : A New Approach

Author: Perraudin, R. M. W. ; Fries, M. Steven

Series: Working Paper No. 91/131

Date: December 1, 1991

Notes: Describes a new approach to pricing government deposit guarantees that uses techniques of stochastic process switching employed in the recent literature on exchange rate determinations.

Subject: Bank regulations

Title: Price and Volume Effects of a Devaluation in Developing Countries

Author: Kouwenaar, Arend

Series: Working Paper No. 91/130

Date: December 1, 1991

Title: Government Ponzi Games and Debt Dynamics Under Uncertainty

Author: Bartolini, Leonardo ; Cottarelli, Carlo

Series: Working Paper No. 91/126

Date: December 1, 1991

Title: Energy Pricing in the Soviet Union

Author: Kumar, S. Manmohan ; Osband, Kent

Series: Working Paper No. 91/125

Date: December 1, 1991

Subject: Montenegro

Title: Sticky Exchange Rates and Flexible Prices : A Heretic View From the Interwar Period

Author: Gulde, Marie Anne ; Wolf, C. Holger

Series: Working Paper No. 91/124

Date: December 1, 1991

Notes: Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 39, No. 3, September 1992.

Title: Effects of Long-Run Demographic Changes in a Multi-Country Model

Author: Masson, R Paul

Series: Working Paper No. 91/123

Date: December 1, 1991

Notes: The macroeconomic effects of population aging are explored using data for the G-7 countries and Australia.

Subject: Capital markets Investment

Title: Growth Strategies, Employment, and Income Distribution in Brazil : An Input-Output Assessment

Author: Clements, J. Benedict

Series: Working Paper No. 91/122

Date: December 1, 1991

Subject: Brazil

Title: The Structure and Operation of the World Gold Market

Author: O'Callaghan, G M.

Series: Working Paper No. 91/120

Date: December 1, 1991

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