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Title: Thailand : Adjusting to Success: Current Policy Issues

Author: Robinson, David ; Teja, S Ranjit ; Byeon, Yangho ; Tseng, S Wanda

Series: Occasional Paper No. 85

Date: September 15, 1991

Title: Financial Assistance from Arab Countries and Arab Regional Institutions

Author: van den Boogaerde, P.

Series: Occasional Paper No. 87

Date: June 15, 1991

Title: Characteristics of a Successful Exchange Rate System

Author: Masson, R Paul ; Goldstein, Morris ; Frenkel, A. Jacob

Series: Occasional Paper No. 82

Date: June 15, 1991

Title: China : Economic Reform and Macroeconomic Management

Author: Szapary, Gyorgy ; Dunaway, V Steven ; Burton, David ; Bléjer, I. Mario

Series: Occasional Paper No. 76

Date: March 15, 1991