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Can central bankers prevent the financial stresses from climate change from boiling over? What proactive steps can they take to promote a greener world? As concerns continue to mount over the impact of climate change, central banks are taking action in a range of areas within their mandates. Join us Wed Oct 16 at 2pm. Learn more

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fm-oct19-c1Fiscal Monitor (October 2019)

This edition focuses on the design of fiscal policies for climate mitigation.

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Global Financial Stability Report (October 2019)

This chapter discusses the link between sustainable finance and financial stability.

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World Economic Outlook (October 2017)

This chapter discusses the effects of weather shocks on economic activity.

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Country Assessments

The CCPA is a joint IMF-World Bank assessment and provides an overarching assessment of countries’ climate strategies.

Climate Mitigation

IMF work analyzes the economic impact of policies to mitigate climate change.


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Building Resilience

IMF staff are integrating the risks of climate change damages and natural disasters, along with the finance needed for mitigation and adaption strategies, into their work with countries.

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Energy Subsidies

The IMF assesses efficient prices for energy products in countries, and how best to reform them, to reflect both supply and environmental costs, and infers subsidies implicit in undercharging for efficient pricing.

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