Leaders Call for Commitment to Recovery Focused on Jobs

The heads of the IMF and the ILO, along with other leaders, today called for a broad international commitment to a jobs-focused policy response to the global economic downturn.

Read the joint statement.

The Challenges of Growth, Employment and Social Cohesion

The global financial crisis and the ensuing recession have had devastating consequences for employment and poverty reduction. The ILO estimates that 34 million more people worldwide are unemployed now as a result of the crisis. Combating unemployment and striving to attain decent work for all must be a key priority as the global economy emerges from the downturn.


Closing Plenary – Minister of Finance Sigbjørn Johnsen, Norway

It has been a great pleasure to receive all of you in Oslo for this unique conference. It has been a privilege to listen and take part in our discussions today.

Yes, we can make a difference!

Yes, this conference can constitute a turning point for international cooperation on growth, employment and social cohesion!

And I also know that with an appropriate policy response we can facilitate a job-intensive international recovery. If we fail to implement the right policies, we risk that unemployment remains high for decades, with huge costs to individuals and societies.

Discussion Forum

A discussion paper for the Oslo Conference, with a jointly authored overview and sections authored, respectively, by the ILO and IMF, and addressing many of the conference issues, is now available. On online forum has also been launched to facilitate discussion of the conference themes.


  • To encourage a global discussion of the difficult policy questions raised by the sharp rise in unemployment since 2008.
  • To broaden the discussion of key issues of employment and social cohesion to include national governments, international organizations, labour and business leaders, as well as academics in one forum.
  • To develop consensus on specific policy actions to address the employment crisis.