Political Economy of Structural Reforms

IMF Seminar

imf seminars event

DATE: April 14, 2016

DAY: Thursday

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

LOCATION: George Washington University, Jack Morton Auditorium

Thursday, April 14 AT 10 00 AM

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The need to implement structural reforms to help overcome the new mediocre and address growth challenges is becoming increasingly urgent. But doing so isn’t easy. Reforms that have significant long-term payoffs often go against vested interests and populists pressures. This panel will explore how policymakers can overcome these obstacles as they seek to overhaul trade, improve labor and product markets, and undertake fiscal and financial-sector structural changes to invigorate economies.


This session will be broadcast (at a later date); audience members should be in their seats no later than 9:55 a.m. when the doors will close. No filming or flash photography during this seminar.

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Political Economy of Structural Reforms


Moderator: Julia Chatterley


Julia Chatterley is a CNBC anchor and European reporter covering key business and political events, and regular Eurogroup and EU summits in Brussels. She covered the Greek and Italian elections and Cypriot bailout. She joined CNBC as a producer in 2010 after seven years working at Morgan Stanley on the hedge fund desk, selling interest rates, FX, credit, equities and options products. She also spent time trading interest rate swaps and as an analyst in the securitized product research team.

Min Zhu


Min Zhu was appointed Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund on July 26, 2011. Previously he was a Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China, responsible for international affairs, policy research, and credit information. He served as the Group Executive Vice President of Bank of China before joining the country’s Central Bank. He also worked at the World Bank and taught economics at both Johns Hopkins University and Fudan University. He holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.

Luis de Guindos


Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness since 2011, Luis de Guindos Jurado has been in charge of Spain’s economic recovery through both structural reforms and austerity measures in the aftermath of the euro area crisis. Prior to his government work, he worked in the private sector at among others PricewaterhouseCoopers and Mare Nostrum Bank, and was board member of energy company Endesa SA. Between 2002 and 2004, he served as Secretary of State for Economic Affairs. Born in Madrid in 1960, de Guindos graduated at the Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros.

Mauricio Cárdenas


Mauricio Cárdenas has been the Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia since September 2012. He has been Minister of Mines and Energy, Minister of Economic Development, Minister of Transport and Director of the National Planning Department. He has also been the Manager of Bogota’s Energy Company and Director of the Latin American Initiative at the Brookings Institution. Minister Cardenas studied economics at the Universidad del los Andes and has a Ph.D. in Economics from UC Berkeley.

Olfa Soukri Cherif


Olfa Soukri Cherif is member of the Tunesian parliament, serving in the committee on finance and on women. Earlier she was professor in economics at the Insitute Supérieur de Science Humaines in Tunis, and in mathematics and statistics at the la Sorbonne in Paris, where she also studied. She graduated with an MBA in trade policy from Harvard University, the continued as a consultant for the OECD.

Diana Farrell


Diana Farrell is the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Previously, Diana was the Global Head of the McKinsey Center for Government, providing research, proprietary data and other tools to support the government. She served in the White House as Deputy Director of the National Economic Council and Deputy Assistant to the President on Economic Policy from 2009-2011. A graduate of Wesleyan University, she holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.