Digital Disruptions to the Financial System: Opportunities and Threats

IMF Seminar

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DATE: April 17, 2016

DAY: Sunday

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

LOCATION: George Washington University, Jack Morton Auditorium

Sunday, April 17 AT 10 00 AM

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This seminar will focus on the macro-financial challenges and opportunities created by two emerging disruptions: rapid growth of FinTech and increasing cyber security risks:

FinTech. The tech revolution is fundamentally changing the global economy. The financial system is facing novel disruptions, such as those relating to virtual currencies and the underlying distributed ledgers, peer-to-peer lending, and high-frequency trading. How can policymakers get ready for these trends, and the potentially systemic risks that they pose (for financial and macroeconomic stability), while harnessing the opportunities that they create (for example, financial efficiency and financial inclusion)?

Cyber security. The rapid rise of cyber risks and their potential to disrupt global financial stability have elevated cybersecurity to a top policy priority. Cyber risks are now regarded as a leading threat to the global financial system by policymakers. The key cyber security vulnerability from a systemic risk perspective is related to the heavy reliance of financial institutions on information technology and communications, and in particular the highly interconnected nature of these systems. How well can the financial sector deal with potential disruptions, particularly given the limited incentives to share information and reveal security breaches?

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Digital Disruptions to the Financial System: Opportunities and Threats