Per Jacobsson Lecture

IMF Seminar

imf seminars event

DATE: October 11, 2015

DAY: Sunday

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Lima Time

LOCATION: Lima Convention Center 6 - Pachacamac

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A panel discussion with Julio Velarde, Governor of the Central Bank of Peru, Carmen Reinhart of Harvard University and Rodrigo Valdes, Minister of Finance Chile, moderated by the chairman of the Per Jacobsson Foundation, Guillermo Ortiz. The topic of the panel discussion is “Latin America: Outlook and Challenges Ahead.”

Per Jacobsson Lecture


Moderator: Guillermo Ortiz


Mr. Guillermo Ortiz is currently Chairman of the Advisory Board of Grupo Financiero Banorte. He was Chairman of the Board of Grupo Financiero Banorte from March 2010 to December 2014. During his four year period as Executive Chairman, assets under management almost trebled, net profits also increased by almost a factor of 3, RoA increased from1.2 to 1.5 percent and earnings per share rose 65 per cent including a dilution in 2013 due to a capital increase. Banorte acquired IXE bank, the largest pension fund in Mexico (together with Siglo XXI) and purchased the 49 per cent stake of the bank’s insurance company owned by Generali. Mr. Ortiz is Chairman of the Per Jacobsson Foundation, a member of the Group of Thirty, of the Advisory Board of the Center for Financial Stability, of the Advisory Council of the SWIFT Institute, of the Advisory Board of the Globalization and Monetary Policy Institute of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and a board member of the China’s International Finance Forum. He founded GO & Asociados (an economic advisory and consulting firm created in 2009) and is a member of the Quality of Life Advisory board of the Government of Mexico City.

Carmen M. Reinhart

Carmen M.

Ms. Carmen M. Reinhart is the Minos A. Zombanakis Professor of the International Financial System at Harvard Kennedy School. Previously, she was the Dennis Weatherstone Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for International Economics at theUniversity of Maryland. Professor Reinhart held positions as Chief Economist and Vice President at the investment bank Bear Stearns in the 1980s.  She spent several years at the International Monetary Fund.  Reinhart is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a member of the Congressional Budget Office Panel of Economic Advisers and the Economic Advisory Panel of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She has been listed among Bloomberg Markets Most Influential 50 in Finance.

Rodrigo Valdes


Mr. Rodrigo Valdes is the Finance Minister of Chile since May 11, 2015. He served as Head – Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Chief Economist at Banco BTG Pactual S.A., Research Division until March 2014. He headed macroeconomics research within Andean region including Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru region. He joined the firm as a Chief Economist in January 2013. Mr. Valdés previously served as a Director of Research and Chief Economist at the Central Bank of Chile from 2002 to 2007. Joining the IMF in 2010, hee served as Deputy Director of the European Department and Deputy Director of the Western Hemisphere Department and mission chief for the US. Before joining the IMF, he was Barclays Capital’s Chief Economist for Latin America from 2008-09. He was the chief adviser to the Chilean Finance Minister from 2000-01.

Julio Velarde


Mr. Julio Velarde was appointed Governor of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru in September 2006. Mr. Velarde holds a PhD (c) in Economics from Brown University (1978). During his academic career (1986-2003) he has been Senior Professor and Dean of the Economics Department at Universidad del Pacifico (Lima, Peru). He has served as board member at several commercial banks and nonfinancial corporations. In 1990-1992 and 2001-2003 he was a member of the Central Bank Board. Before becoming Central Bank Governor he served as Chairman of the Latin American Reserve Fund (2004-2006). He has also been Chairman of the Governing Board of the Center of Latin American Monetary Studies (2007-2009). He is the author of several books and articles on macroeconomics and economic policy, and is a frequent speaker at international events and forums.