Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the IMF, Fortieth Issue -- The Fund’s Financing Role—Reform Proposals on Liquidity and Emergency Assistance—Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI)

Prepared by the Legal Department of the IMF
As updated as of April 30, 2019

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ARTICLE V, SECTION 3(a), (b), AND (c)
Use of Fund Resources
Credit Tranche Policies and Facilities


  • 1. The Fund decides that resources in the credit tranches may be made available under the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI), in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in this Decision.

  • 2. The Fund will approve a member’s request for resources under the RFI only where it is satisfied that:

    • (a) the member is experiencing an urgent balance of payments need that, if not addressed, would result in an immediate and severe economic disruption;

    • (b) the member either (i) has a balance of payments need that is expected to be resolved within one year with no major policy adjustments being necessary, or (ii) is unable to design or implement an upper credit tranche-quality economic program given the urgent nature of the balance of payments need or due to its limited policy implementation capacity; and

    • (c) the member will cooperate with the Fund in an effort to find, where appropriate, solutions for its balance of payments difficul-ties. Where warranted, the Managing Director may request that the member implement upfront measures before recommending that the Fund approve a purchase under this Decision.

  • 3. If a member has made a purchase under this Decision within the preceding three years, any additional purchases under this Decision may be approved only if the Fund is satisfied that (a) the member’s urgent balance of payments need was caused primarily by an exogenous shock; or (b) the member has established a track record of adequate macroeconomic policies over a period of at least six months immediately prior to the request.

  • 4. A member requesting assistance under this Decision shall describe in a letter the general policies it plans to pursue to address its balance of payments difficulties, including its intention not to introduce or intensify exchange and trade restrictions and other measures or policies that would compound these difficulties. The member shall also commit to undergoing a safeguards assessment, provide staff with access to its central bank’s most recently completed external audit reports and authorize its external auditors to hold discussions with Fund staff. The timing and modalities for the safeguards assessment for a member that has received assistance under the RFI would be determined on a case-by-case basis, but normally the safeguards assessment would need to be completed before Executive Board approval for the member of any subsequent arrangement to which the Fund’s safeguards assessment policy applies.

  • 5. Assistance under this Decision shall be made available to members in the form of outright purchases. Access by members to resources under this Decision shall be subject to (a) an annual limit of 37.5 percent of quota, and (b) a cumulative limit of 75 percent of quota, net of scheduled repurchases, provided that the annual access limit shall be 60 percent of quota where (i) the member requests assistance under the RFI to address an urgent balance of payments need resulting from a natural disaster that occasions damage assessed to be equivalent to or to exceed 20 percent of the member’s gross domestic product (GDP), and (ii) the member’s existing and prospective policies are sufficiently strong to address the natural disaster shock.

  • 6. In order to carry out the purposes of this Decision, the Fund will be prepared to grant a waiver of the limitation of 200 percent of quota in Article V, Section 3(b)(iii), whenever necessary to permit purchases under this Decision or to permit other purchases that would raise the Fund’s holdings of the purchasing member’s currency above that limitation because of purchases outstanding under this Decision.

  • 7. Decision No. 12341-(00/117), adopted November 28, 2000, which established the special GRA policy on emergency assistance, is hereby repealed. (SM/11/284, Sup. 3, 11/22/11)

Decision No. 15015-(11/112),

November 21, 2011,

as amended by Decision Nos. 15595-(14/46),

May 21, 2014,

15820 (15/66), July 1, 2015,

15821 (15/66), July 1, 2015, and


May 5, 2017

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