Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the IMF, Thirty- Ninth Issue -- Trust Fund: Termination and Transfer of Resources to Special Disbursement Account

Prepared by the Legal Department of the IMF
As updated as of March 31, 2017

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Trust Fund


  • 1. Having conducted the review specified in Section II, paragraph 4(d) of the Instrument to Establish the Trust Fund attached to Decision No. 5069-(76/72), of May 5, 1976 (hereinafter called the Trust Instrument), the Fund, as Trustee, decides, with effect from the date disbursements under loans from the Trust Fund are completed, that the repayment terms of such loans from the Trust Fund will not be changed, provided, however, that, if the Trustee finds that repayment of an installment on the due date would result in serious hardship for the borrower the Trustee may reschedule the repayment to a date not later than two years after the date such repayment was originally due.

  • 2.

    • (a) The Fund, as Trustee, decides that the Trust Fund shall be terminated as of April 30, 1981 or the date on which disbursements under Trust Fund loans are finally completed, whichever is the later. After that date, the activities of the Trust shall be confined to the completion of any unfinished business of the Trust Fund and the winding up of its affairs.

    • (b) The resources of the Trust Fund held on the termination date or subsequently received by the Trustee, except those resources still being held for distribution to members or required to satisfy the liabilities specified in Section V, paragraph 2 of the Trust Instrument, shall be transferred, as expeditiously as possible, to the Special Disbursement Account in accordance with Section V, paragraph 2 of the Trust Instrument.

    • (c) Nothing in this paragraph 2 shall limit the authority of the Trustee, either before or during the winding up of the Trust Fund, to reschedule loan repayments in cases of serious hardship as provided in paragraph 1 above.

  • 3.

    • (a) From the resources received in the Special Disbursement Account of the Fund pursuant to paragraph 2(b) above, the Fund shall make available an amount equivalent to SDR 750 million for use in the Supplementary Financing Facility Subsidy Account (hereinafter called the Subsidy Account). Such amount shall be transferred to the Subsidy Account as provided in Section 4 of the Instrument establishing the Subsidy Account.

    • (b) Of the resources received in the Special Disbursement Account as a consequence of the termination of the Trust Fund which are not used for the Subsidy Account as provided in (a) above, SDR 1,500 million shall be used to provide balance of payments assistance on concessional terms, on a uniform basis, to low-income developing members in need of such assistance under arrangements similar to those set forth in the Trust Instrument. The remainder shall be used to provide assistance to low-income developing members in accordance with the second sentence of subsection 12 (f)(ii) of Article V of the Articles of Agreement under a decision of the Fund to be taken not later than June 30, 1986. If no such decision is taken by that date, the remainder referred to in the preceding sentence shall be used on the same terms as the SDR 1,500 million referred to in the first sentence of this subparagraph.

Decision No. 6704-(80/185) TR,

December 17, 1980

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