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1998 Annual Meetings  Boards of Governors OCTOBER 1998  
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Bank/Fund Expo 1998: The Knowledge Economy

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
October 3–October 6, 8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
October 7, 8.30 a.m.–3.00 p.m.

Events are not open to the public.

The 1998 Bank/Fund Annual Meetings launches the Expo. This first Expo will expand on the theme of the Program of Seminars, "The Knowledge Economy". Consisting of approximately 50 kiosks, the Expo provides the latest information, through multimedia tools and interactive and visual displays, on Bank and Fund products, services and partnerships. Staff will demonstrate, discuss and answer questions on what the World Bank Group and the Fund are doing to collect and share knowledge and information on development and finance issues with member governments, other stakeholders, partners and the public.

The following is a brief outline of what is available and on show in each of the kiosks in the Exhibition Hall:

Kiosk 1a – Message Center: to assist participants to make contact with one another, operated by a self-service computerized system, accessible to all participants via the bar code on each Annual Meetings identification badge.

Kiosk 1b – Annual Meetings Information: providing guidance and information about the Annual Meetings.

Kiosk 2 – Bank/Fund Expo Information: providing guidance and information about the Expo.

Kiosk 3 – Knowledge for Development: pick up a free summary of the new World Development Report on knowledge, sample the World Development Indicators CD-ROM, preview the forthcoming Global Economic Prospects report, view new World Bank websites featuring data, research, prospects, and other development knowledge.

Kiosk 4Concerned about Political Risk?: Information about the World Bank Groups various risk mitigation programs to cover political risks, including slide presentations and on-line demonstrations thereof, will be available.

Kiosk 5 – Financial Information Displays: to keep participants updated with the most-needed real-time financial news and market information. Participants are welcome to check the latest news and market information at the kiosk.

Kiosk 6Challenges of Transition – Publications and websites will be available on Public Outreach, Partnerships and New Lending Products in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, as will the PrivatizationLink ECA, which delivers information on privatization in transition economies to privatization professionals world-wide.

Kiosk 7Promoting Foreign Direct Investment: On-line information on global investment opportunities, business conditions, and privatization programs presented via IPAnet and PrivatizationLink websites, along with FDI-related publications. Sponsored by MIGA in collaboration with Privatisation International and Northern Light Technology.

Kiosk 8 – Financial Information Displays: to keep participants updated with the most-needed real-time financial news and market information. Participants are welcome to check the latest news and market information at the kiosk.

Kiosk 9 – Business Partnership Center: featuring a new CD-ROM, brochures and other materials about the products and services of the Bank Group for the business community. Also providing information about the Bank Group's partnerships with business organizations.

Kiosk 10 – The Social Crisis in East Asia: highlighting social impact of the East Asian crisis with images, and responses by the Bank and some other organizations. Introduction provided to the newly created website for further information and discussion.

Kiosk 11 – Financial Information Displays: to keep participants updated with the most-needed real-time financial news and market information. Participants are welcome to check the latest news and market information at the kiosk.

Kiosk 12 – Developing Emerging Capital Markets: the rapid growth of information on emerging markets will be shown, including publications such as the Factbook, Monthly Review, Frontier Market Review, and presentations will be given.

Kiosk 13 – Linking Africa And The World: the African Business Network website and brochures.

Kiosk 14 – Knowledge Partnerships For Africa: featuring knowledge interaction tools to help Africa benefit from the knowledge economy, including demos of Africa Live Database, African Development Indicators, Africa Household Survey Database, Sector Best Practice Systems, and Indigenous Knowledge Base. Publications and other handouts

Kiosk 15 – Lessons from the Private Sector – sharing 40 years of IFC experience as an investor in private enterprises in emerging markets, through publications and internet access.

Kiosk 16 – The Inspection Panel: A unique instrument for private sector parties and NGOs to bring their concerns about Bank-financed projects to the attention of senior management and the Board of Executive Directors.

Kiosk 17 – Learning Together With Partners: Knowledge and research partnerships for participatory development. We will show examples of dynamic learning environments using new and traditional technologies.

Kiosk 18 – Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board: cornerstone of the Fund's initiative in improving transparency in countries' data provision to the public. On show will be hyperlinks from the DSBB to country data on the Internet and plans for the General Data Dissemination System.

Kiosk 19 – Financial Information Displays: to keep participants updated with the most-needed real-time financial news and market information. Participants are welcome to check the latest news and market information at the kiosk.

Kiosk 20 – Reacting To Disaster Before It Hits: showcasing the Bank's role in disaster management, including response, prevention and mitigation strategies; the current natural disaster lending portfolio; and newly established Disaster Management Facility, which includes the innovative Market Incentives for Mitigation Investment (MIMI) initiative.

Kiosk 21 – Do You Know What Works?: showing lessons learned, examples of best practices, evaluation reports and books produced in partnership, best practices, videos, training guides, evaluation website, and a collection of evaluation documents.

Kiosk 22 – Lounge Area

Kiosk 23 – The Program of Seminars features information on how to become involved in the Program as a participant, marketing partner or host. Videos of Program highlights will be shown, and literature on the Program, its organization and its partners will be available.

Kiosk 24 – Making Law Work for Development: Learn about a Partnership of NGOs, MDBs and government agencies that is working to promote judicial excellence. Also try new Legal Databases in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, a Telecommunications Law website, and a new Judicial Statistical Index.

Kiosk 25 – Fighting Corruption: In collaboration with Transparency International, highlighting the growing body of knowledge on the effects of corruption on development and on how to reduce corruption, and demonstrating the Bank's new Internet-based knowledge center on anticorruption.

Kiosk 26 – Promoting Fiscal Transparency: a demonstration of the IMF web site on fiscal transparency. Brochures and fact sheets on The Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency--Declaration on Principles.

Kiosk 27Learning to Save the Rain Forest: A unique partnership between the Brazilian government, Brazil's civil society, and the international community that aims to conserve the tropical rain forests of the Amazon and Brazil's Atlantic coast.

Kiosk 28Microfinance & Small Enterprise Development: showing in the area of rural/micro finance and small enterprise development, the process of knowledge development, management and dissemination, strategy statements, partnerships developed, the current Bank projects portfolio, and a collection of key readings.

Kiosk 29 – Institutions Matter: Presentation on key issues of institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean, with reference to key sectors (e.g., education, financial sector, public administration, and judicial reform). Hand-out summary of recent publication, Beyond the Washington Consensus: Institutions Matter.

Kiosk 30a, 30b – Global Video-Conferencing: demonstrating various products for local and global videoconferencing including: business quality videoconferencing, distance learning quality videoconferencing, and streaming video for central video.

Kiosk 31 – Distance Learning: introducing the World Bank Learning Network, including demonstrations and exhibits on the Global Distance Learning Network, African Virtual University, self-paced learning materials, AccessNet courses, Point/Multipoint activities and other aspects of distance learning.

Kiosks 32, 32a, 33 – Knowledge Sharing Through Technology: See how Bank Knowledge resources are shared. Highlights client and development partnerships, shared library resources, and collaborative workspaces. See Global distance learning and live video conferences demonstrated in kiosk 30.

Kiosk 34 – Pathway To The Millennium: showing how countries can take advantage of the opportunities information and communication technologies offer for social and economic development, with special emphasis on the readiness of different economies to deal with the Year 2000 Problem, or "Millennium Bug".

Kiosk 35 – Share@worldbank.org; Opportunities@worldbank.org, providing information on the Bank Group's Staff Exchange Program (focusing on private sector partnerships) and recruitment programs in the form of brochures and information packets, and what is available via the Internet.

Kiosk 36 – Business Opportunities in Projects: demonstrating how suppliers and consultants can do business with the World Bank, and providing procurement and consultant guidelines, the Guide to International Business Opportunities, copies of the UN Development Business, and other publications designed for the business community.

Kiosk 37Learning What Works: sustainable water supply and sanitation services for unserved communities; lessons from experience in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Posters, publications, tool kits, videotapes and the program website will be available.

Kiosk 38Clean and Efficient Energy for All – The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program, a partnership with public and private organizations, focuses on energy generation and use for poverty alleviation and economic progress. Annual reports, brochure and project descriptions will be provided.

Kiosk 39 – Business Partners for Development: sharing learning on tri-sector partnerships (business, state and civil society) in the natural resources industries, water, youth development and road safety. Demonstrations and materials presented showing how working together can enhance the bottom line for the company and community.

Kiosk 40 – Private Participation In Infrastructure: realizing the potential benefits of private solutions, featuring country assessments, advisory services, knowledge sharing and support to newly-appointed regulators. Documents and brochures will be complemented by illustrations of various on-line information sources.

Kiosk 41 – Building Consensus For Reform: knowledge outreach, development communications and partnerships with civil society. Documents, brochures, samples of best practice communications programs and a computer kiosk will be shown.

Kiosk 42 – Financial Partners For Development: how public and private partners can work with the Bank on priority development programs, through the trust fund and cofinancing program. Brochures and pamphlets will be available, along with demonstrations of the website and videoclips of donor supported programs.

Kiosk 43 – Who Sustains Development?: On view are CD-ROMs, videos, and resource kits and publications on resettlement, participation, and social assessment; videos on coral reefs and marine fisheries; the new integrated website on water; materials from the World Bank-World Wildlife Fund alliance on forestry; and demonstrations of topical websites, geographic information systems, and the ESSD Advisory Service.

Kiosk 44 – How We Can Feed The World: partnerships for reducing hunger and poverty and protecting the environment, providing literature emphasizing importance of agricultural research for sustainable development, and live demonstrations, displays of food products, and related crafts.

Kiosk 45 – Rebuilding Post-Conflict Societies: policy development and operational support for post-conflict reconstruction, knowledge-building and sharing, capacity-building, partnerships, global post-conflict network. Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict, new ideas for preventing and resolving deadly conflict.

Kiosk 46 – Gender Issues: Looking Ahead – partnerships with the UN Division for Advancement of Women and the Council of Women World Leaders of the Kennedy School at Harvard, via on-line access to the Bank's GenderNet, publications, posters and brochures.

Kiosk 47 – Connecting with our Clients: training program of "experiential learning" by sharing the lives and homes of clients. Program graduates describe the impact the experience has on their understanding of poverty, changing the way staff work and behave in providing development assistance.

Kiosk 48 – Knowledge Partnerships for People: highlighting: Education – private sector development in education, global distance learning and education technology, girls' education in the context of access and equity, and early child development. Health, Nutrition and Population – country-level collaborations with the Centers for Disease Control, along with recently received Innovation Awards for the Africa Malaria Initiative and the AIDS Vaccine Development Initiative. Social Protection – a social funds network in the Latin America and Caribbean region, a pension reform projections toolkit, and developments/projects under the child labor program.

Kiosk 49 New Loan Products: 'Adaptable lending' products from the World Bank. These products are flexible and designed to explicitly integrate the learning process into the project cycle. Brochures on the two new products and illustrative information on several actual operations will be available.

Kiosk 50 – Bank Group Strategy and Innovation: a review of how the Bank is undertaking a major renewal process, that includes the development of new products and services, as part of the ongoing effort to better meet client needs and respond to new development challenges.

These 50 plus kiosks all show various ways in which the Bank and Fund are collecting and sharing their development and finance knowledge, as well as making it easier for clients, development partners and the private sector to access that knowledge and to collaborate on development projects, all aimed at maintaining growth and financial stability, sustainable development and the elimination of poverty. We invite you to spend as much time as you can, exploring what is shown, browsing the various websites, reading the papers and brochures, and asking questions of the staff in each Kiosk.

Feedback is very welcome, and may be addressed to Adnan Hassan (202-473- 5431) or Lesley Shneier (202-473-3168) at the World Bank, or Kenneth Friedman (202-623-6858) and Ian S. McDonald (202-623-7090) at the International Monetary Fund.

Further information about the Knowledge Management program at the World Bank may be obtained from Stephen Denning, Program Director, (202-473-4035).

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