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2000 Annual Meetings Logo
2000 Annual Meetings Logo
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September 19–28, 2000
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2000 Meetings

Annual Meetings Contact Information

The following are telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail where available, for further information:

Office Telephone Fax e-mail

General Inquiries
   Bank/Fund Conferences Office 202-473-7272 202-623-4100 bfcoffice@worldbank.org

   Delegations and Observers 202-623-6797 202-623-4100
   Special Guests and Visitors 202-458-0264 202-623-4100

Hotel Accommodation
   Delegates, Observers, Special
      Guests, Press
202-473-6934 202-623-4100
   Visitors—2000 Meetings
      Prague, Czech Republic
Executive Organizer of the Annual
  Meetings of the IMF/WB Prague 2000
Opletalova 22, Prague 1, Czech Republic
  [420-2] 8400-1466    [420-2] 8400-1467
[420-2] 2421-2103

    Accreditation and general queries 202-623-7100 202-623-4100
    Registration 202-623-4635 202-623-4100
Information for journalists, including a schedule of press events, will be made available on this website closer to the time of the Annual Meetings.

International Monetary and
Financial Committee
202-623-8357 202-623-4100

Development Committee 202-458-2980 202-522-1618 devcom@worldbank.org

Program of Seminars 202-473-3394 202-623-4100 seminars@worldbank.org

For information on meetings of the World Bank Group or the International Monetary Fund, other than the meetings mentioned above, please contact each organization direct, as follows:
External Affairs - World Bank Group 202-473-7660
External Relations - IMF 202-623-7430

Additional information, including future Meetings dates, will be published
as it becomes available.

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