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September 19–28, 2000
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Annual Meetings Hotel Accommodation

The 2000 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. The dates of the Annual Meetings will be from September 26 through 28, with many ancillary meetings taking place during the previous week.

Please be advised that availability of five- and four-star hotel accommodation and suites in Prague is limited, and participants may therefore have to accept more modest accommodation if they wish to attend the Meetings.

As usual, the Joint Secretariat has reserved blocks of hotel sleeping rooms for official participants in the Annual Meetings - governors and member country delegations, representatives of Observer organizations, Special Guests to be invited by the Fund and the Bank accredited Press representatives, and Fund and Bank staff. Rooms will be assigned after the invitations have been issued (late Spring 2000) and attendance forms returned to the Joint Secretariat, in accordance with the accompanying instructions.

Other individuals who wish to attend the Meetings may apply to attend as Visitors. As in the past, the Joint Secretariat is unable to assist Visitors with hotel accommodation. However, the Czech Authorities have appointed an agency to assist Visitors with their hotel requirements. In this regard, all requests for hotel accommodation for Visitors should be referred directly to the following agency:

Executive Organizer of the Annual Meetings of the IMF/WBG Prague 2000
Opletalova 22
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Telephone:  (420-2) 8400-1466
Facsimile:(420-2) 8400-1467 or 2421-2103

Hotel reservation forms for Visitors can be found at the Website address given above.

Please note that individuals wishing to attend the Annual Meetings as Visitors must apply separately for accreditation, in writing, to the Joint Secretariat:

Joint Secretariat Office for Special Guests and Visitors
International Monetary Fund/World Bank Group
Washington DC 20431
Telephone:  (1-202) 458-0264
Facsimile:(1-202) 623 4100

Additional information, including future Meetings dates, will be published
as it becomes available.

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