2013 Annual Meetings, Washington D.C.
World Bank Group
International Monetary Fund
2013—Washington D.C.
Annual Meetings


Attendance to the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Annual Meetings is by invitation only. All participants must be accredited in advance of the Meetings. To facilitate accreditation and registration, the participants are divided into different categories, described below. Please determine your registration category and submit your registration request accordingly.

Please note that an onsite Registration Desk operates for issuance of participant badges to those who are already accredited. Facilities for onsite accreditation are very limited and onsite accreditation is not guaranteed. Please plan your attendance at the Annual Meetings events in advance.

Civil Society Representatives


Delegates are governmental officials of the member countries of the WBG and the IMF. Delegates are registered through the WBG and IMF Offices of Executive Directors. If you have any questions about Delegates registration, please forward your inquiries to meetingsregistration@imf.org.


Observers are the representatives of the observer institutions with continuing interest in, or significance to, the WBG and the IMF invited by the Organizations as Observers to the Annual Meetings. If you have any questions about Observer registration, please forward your inquiries to meetingsregistration@imf.org.

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Civil Society Representatives

The 2013 WBG and IMF Annual Meetings will be held over the weekend of October 11-13, 2013 in Washington, D.C. As in previous years, the Civil Society Program, a program of events for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), will be held between October 7 and October 12, 2013. It will include a CSO Orientation on the WBG and IMF, CSO Roundtable with Executive Directors, CSO Townhall and Reception with the heads of the WBG and IMF, and the Civil Society Policy Forum. Information on the Program and the schedule of sessions will be posted on the Bank Civil Society website by mid-August.

All CSO representatives interested in participating in the Annual Meetings must obtain individual accreditation. The online registration system to accept applications for civil society accreditation will open on August 12, 2013 and will close on September 25, 2013. Accreditation will not be granted after this deadline, thus CSO representatives are encouraged to apply early for accreditation.

Civil society Organizations (CSOs) include non-governmental organizations, community groups, labor unions, indigenous peoples movements, faith based organizations, professional associations, foundations, think tanks, charitable organizations, and other not-for-profit organizations. If you have any questions about the Annual Meetings and/or are interested in organizing a dialogue session within the Civil Society Policy Forum, please send an email to civilsociety@worldbank.org or ngoliaison@imf.org.

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Members of the press with valid credentials are invited to attend the Meetings. All working press must have Annual Meetings credentials to attend the meetings. To be accredited, you must present one of the following:

  1. Valid press credentials issued by national governments or authorities;


  2. Clear evidence that you are on assignment from a specific news organization or publication. This applies to all freelancers, including photographers. A valid assignment letter from that news organization, or publication, is required. Photographic agencies must provide clear evidence from a client news organization or publication.

If such credentials are not held, or are in question, it will be at the discretion of the WBG and the IMF to determine whether access to the Annual Meetings is granted.

Enquiries should be sent to: media@imf.org

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(Note: Guest registration replaces Special Guests and Visitors registration as of the 2013 Annual Meetings.)

The Guest registration for 2013 Annual Meetings is now open.

All registration requests must be accredited based on the policies and procedures which govern the attendance of Guests at the 2013 Annual Meetings. Please allow at least two weeks for a registration request to be processed. To avoid delays all participants are strongly encouraged to complete online Guest Registration Request no later than September 25, 2013.

Private Sector

Representatives from financial institutions and banks, commercial enterprises, consulting and contractor firms who have interest in the operations and affairs of the WBG and the IMF are invited to apply for Guest accreditation at the 2013 Annual Meetings. All private sector representatives should complete in full the online Guest Registration Request through this website.


University professors, academicians, researches, faculty members, students who have research and educational interest in the operations and affairs of the WBG and the IMF are invited to apply for Guest accreditation at the 2013 Annual Meetings and complete the Guest Registration Request in full. An endorsement letter from the Head of Department or Vice Chancellor of the University confirming status in the University and stating academic interest is required for all academia representatives. The supporting documentation should be submitted in either Acrobat or Word format to the Guest Registration Office GuestRegistration@worldbank.org at the time of the original submission of the Guest Registration Request. Registration requests without supporting documentation will not be considered for the 2013 Annual Meetings accreditation.

WBG and IMF Former Employees

Former WBG and IMF staff members who continue to have business interest in the affairs of both organizations are invited to apply for Guest accreditation at the 2013 Annual Meetings and complete Guest Registration Request.

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Enquiries about Guest Registration:
Guest Registration Office
Telephone: +1 (202) 458 0264 (Monday – Friday 11:00 – 15:00 US Eastern Daylight Time)
Email: GuestRegistration@worldbank.org (preferred channel of communication)