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Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2016)
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Russian Federation and the IMF
Updated May 24, 2016

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on July 29, 2015. Listed below are items related to the Russian Federation, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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August 02, 1999 -- Public Information Notice: IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation with Russia
Public Information Notices (PINs) form part of the IMF's efforts to promote transparency of the IMF's views and analysis of economic developments and policies.
August 02, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
Stand-by credit for Russia; sequencing financial sector reforms; Summers on debt relief; IMF staff reports--pilot project; Brazil credit tranche approved; Galbraith on 20th century's unfinished business; and Dubrovnik conference on transition economies PDF File Size: 671Kb
July 29, 1999 -- Transcript of a Press Conference Call with First Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer on the Russian Federation
This is about Russia and the IMF Board meeting yesterday, and there are a few points to make in addition to what was said in our release last night.
July 28, 1999 -- Press Release: IMF Approves Stand-By Credit for Russia
July 15, 1999 -- Getting it Right: Sequencing Financial Sector Reforms - Transcript
Transcript of an Economic Forum on Financial sector liberalization.
July 13, 1999 -- Russian Federation Letter of Intent, July 13, 1999
Statement of the Government of the Russian Federation and Central Bank of Russia on Economic Policies which describes the policies that Russia intends to implement in the context of its request for financial support from the IMF.
June 24, 1999 -- Transcript of IMF Economic Forum on Dollarization: Fad or Future for Latin America
This Economic Forum was held on June 24, 1999
June 16, 1999 -- Russia: In Search of a Vision to Revitalize Reform -- Address by Michel Camdessus
Given at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Russia
June 11, 1999 -- Global Economic and Financial Developments in the 1990s and Implications for Monetary Policy -- Address by Flemming Larsen
Given at the 27th Economics Conference: Possibilities and Limitations of Monetary Policy, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Vienna
June 08, 1999 -- Transcript of an IMF videoconference with the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
Jointly organized IMF/Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) videoconference on: the most recent World Economic Outlook, the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Reduction Initiative known as the HIPC Initiative, and the Reform of the International Financial System, or the new architecture.
June 01, 1999 -- Finance & Development, June 1999 - Lessons of the Russian Crisis for Transition Economies
Guest Author Yegor Gaidar says that soft budget constraints and weak administrative controls brought Russia to the brink of hyperinflation. The lesson is to disinflate rapidly and to impose hard budget constraints quickly.
May 18, 1999 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Michel Camdessus at the Japan Press Club
I can point out the remarkable way in which the Asian economies have implemented their programs of adjustment and reform with the IMF, which underpins our renewed optimism
May 14, 1999 -- The Reform of Global Exchange and Financial Systems Since the Eruption of the Asian Crisis - Address by Shigemitsu Sugisaki
Presented at the International Conference on Central Banking Policies, Macau
May 10, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
Interim meetings overview; Interim & Development Committee, G-7, G-10, & G-24 communiques, and press conference; Kosovo crisis; Contingent Credit Lines; financial architecture; Russian economic program; capital flows conference; World Economic Outlook. PDF File Size: 662Kb
May 06, 1999 -- Transforming Financial Systems in the Baltics, Russia and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union
Author/Editor: Knight, Malcolm D. | Petersen, Arne B. | Price, Robert T.
May 03, 1999 -- Transcript of a Video Conference with Hong Kong and Singapore Journalists by Stanley Fischer, First Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
We've just completed our spring Interim Committee meetings, and the contrast between the atmosphere this time and the atmosphere last October when we had the Annual Meetings was extraordinary.
April 28, 1999 -- News Brief: Statement by the IMF Managing Director on Russia
April 28, 1999 -- The Financial Crisis in Emerging Markets: Some Lessons -- Stanley Fischer
This is an outline of comments prepared for delivery at the Conference of the Economic Strategy Institute, Washington DC
April 27, 1999 -- Transcript of a Press Conference by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Chairman of the Interim Committee and IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus
This briefing was held at the conclusion of the 1999 Spring Interim Committee Meeting.
April 26, 1999 -- New Ways Eyed to Deal with International Economic Crises - A Commentary
This article by Jack Boorman, Director of the IMF's Policy Development and Review Department appeared in The Boston Globe

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