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Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2015)
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Germany and the IMF
Updated June 30, 2015

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on July 14, 2014. Listed below are items related to Germany, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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April 01, 1998 -- Anticipation and Surprises in Central Bank Interest Rate Policy: The Case of the Bundesbank
Author/Editor: Hardy, Daniel C. L.
Series: Working Paper No. 98/43
Notes: Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 45, No. 4, December 1998.
November 11, 1997 -- Germany--Selected Issues
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 97/101
November 11, 1997 -- Germany--Statistical Appendix
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 97/102
October 10, 1997 -- The United States as a Job Creation Machine: an Example for Germany?--Flemming Larsen
Address given at a conference by the Christian Social Union Bavaria, Germany
September 23, 1997 -- Statement by the Hon. Theo Waigel, Alternate Governor of the IMF for Germany, at the Joint Annual Discussion.
PDF File Size: 33Kb
September 21, 1997 -- Joint Press Conference by Philippe Maystadt, Chairman Interim Committee and Michel Camdessus
Ladies and gentlemen, at its meeting in Washington last April, the Interim Committee requested the IMF Executive Board to complete its work on quotas and SDRs, and to report in time for the Hong Kong meeting. Needless to say, the Committee today warmly welcomed the agreements on these two issues.
August 29, 1997 -- Press Information Notice: The IMF Concludes Article IV consultation with Germany
Public Information Notices (PINs) form part of the IMF's efforts to promote transparency of the IMF's views and analysis of economic developments and policies.
August 01, 1997 -- Some Evidence on Exchange Rate Determination in Major Industrial Countries
Author/Editor: Johnston, R. B. | Sun, Yan
Series: Working Paper No. 97/98
April 26, 1997 -- Press Briefing on the European Monetary Union
The years 1997 and 1998 are very important years for Europe. The decision will be made next spring on which countries will participate in Stage III of EMU. As the date of that decision approaches, attention has been focused on which countries are expected to satisfy the convergence criteria of the Maastricht Treaty.
January 27, 1997 -- IMF Survey:
Featured in this issue: composition of spending is important in fiscal adjustment; Camdessus on Germany and European economic and monetary union; IMF-World Bank debt initiative; and energy payments arrears in Baltics and former Soviet Union. PDF File Size: 168Kb
January 10, 1997 -- Globalization and its Challenges for Germany, Europe, and the IMF
Address by Michel Camdessus given at a conference sponsored by the Christian Social Union Münich, Germany
December 01, 1996 -- EMU and Long Interest Rates in Germany
Author/Editor: Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
Series: Working Paper No. 96/133
October 28, 1996 -- Germany - Recent Economic Developments and Selected Issues
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 96/111
October 01, 1996 -- Additional Evidence on EMS Interest Rate Linkages
Author/Editor: García-Herrero, Alicia | Thornton, John
Series: Working Paper No. 96/115
September 29, 1996 -- September 29, 1996 Press Conference by Interim Committee Chairman and IMF Managing Director
The Committee has been able to take three important steps.
September 01, 1996 -- Domestic, Foreign or Common Shocks?
Author/Editor: Fabrizio, Stefania | Lopez, J. Humberto
Series: Working Paper No. 96/107
May 01, 1996 -- German Unification - What Have We Learned from Multi-Country Models?
Author/Editor: Gagnon, Joseph E. | Masson, Paul R. | McKibbin, Warwick J.
Series: Working Paper No. 96/43
November 17, 1995 -- The Dollar, the Yen and European Currencies--Address by Michel Camdessus
Speech given at the XIV Sesiones de Trabajo de Tesoreria, Caja de Ahorros de Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
November 01, 1995 -- Consumption Smoothing and Exchange Rate Volatility
Author/Editor: Turtelboom, Bart
Series: Working Paper No. 95/108
November 01, 1995 -- Effective Taxation for Recipients of Social Assistance in Germany and the Consequences of the 1996 Tax Reform
Author/Editor: Thimann, Christian
Series: Working Paper No. 95/120

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