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   2016  2017
Real GDP 2.7 2.9
Consumer Prices 1.3 2.2
Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2016)
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Republic of Korea and the IMF
Updated August 26, 2016

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on July 29, 2016. Listed below are items related to the Republic of Korea, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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July 01, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Asia: Launching Pad for Tomorrow's Emerging Markets
Following in the footsteps of Asia’s dynamic emerging markets, low-income countries in the region are poised to become tomorrow’s emerging markets. This will help to propel Asia’s global economic leadership as it becomes the world’s largest economic region in about 20 years.
June 27, 2010 -- IMF Survey: G-20 Leaders Aim for Balanced Growth, Revival of Jobs
G-20 leaders backed measures to sustain the global recovery and said they would work together to encourage economic growth, promote job creation, and enhance global prosperity while strengthening the financial system and curbing worrying public deficits.
June 19, 2010 -- IMF Survey: IMF to Reinforce Two-Way Partnership With Asia
The Korean government and the IMF are jointly hosting a high-level international conference on Asia in Daejeon, Korea, July 12–13. The goal is to strengthen the two-way partnership and learning experience between Asia and the Fund, IMF Asia and Pacific Director Anoop Singh says in an interview.
June 17, 2010 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Caroline Atkinson, Director, External Relations Department, IMF
May 20, 2010 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Caroline Atkinson, Director, External Relations Department, IMF
May 20, 2010 -- Global Financial Stability Report, April 2010 : Meeting New Challenges to Stability and Building a Safer System
Series: Global Financial Stability Report
May 19, 2010 -- Systemic Challenges for Global Finance and Priorities for Reform, Remarks by John Lipsky, First Deputy Managing Director, IMF, delivered at the seminar, Reshaping the Global Financial Landscape:Implications for Asia
April 24, 2010 -- Transcript of a Press Conference on Asia and Pacificb by Anoop Singh, Director, Asia and Pacific Department with Masahiko Takeda, Deputy Director, and Kalpana Kochhar, Deputy Director
April 24, 2010 -- IMFC Statement by Mr. Jeung-Hyun Yoon, Minister of Strategy and Finance, Republic of Korea
On behalf of: Australia, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiribati, Republic of Korea, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Mongolia, New Zealand, Republic of Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Vanuatu, Samoa. PDF File Size: 353Kb
April 19, 2010 -- Press Release: IMF and South Korea to Co-Host Asia Regional Conference to Promote Cooperative Approach Toward Global Economic Challenges
March 03, 2010 -- Recovering from the Global Crisis: Exit Policies and Challenges Ahead, by Murilo Portugal, IMF Deputy Managing Director, at the Australian School of Business
March 02, 2010 -- Outlook for the World Economy and Policy challenges Ahead: A Multi-speed Recovery, Keynote Address by Murilo Portugal, First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE), Outlook 2010 Conference, Canberra
February 25, 2010 -- Reconstructing the World Economy, Opening Remarks at the Korea Development Institute (KDI)/IMF Conference by John Lipsky, First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
February 25, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Post-crisis Rethink at Asia Conference
Top policymakers and academics from around Asia and G-20 countries have been meeting in Seoul to debate some of the most pressing issues to emerge from the worst economic slump since the Great Depression.
January 14, 2010 -- Press Release: Korea and IMF to Co-Host a High-Level International Conference
January 14, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Global Recovery Seems Stronger, But Still Fragile, Says IMF
December 08, 2009 -- Press Release: Statement of an IMF Mission at the Conclusion of the Staff Visit to Korea
November 11, 2009 -- Lessons Learned from Regulatory and Supervisory Responses to the Crisis, Remarks by Mr. José Viñals, Financial Counselor and Director, International Monetary Fund
At the G-20 Reform Initiatives: Implications for the Future of Financial Regulation, Seoul, Korea
November 01, 2009 -- Countering the Cycle - The Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy in Korea
Author/Editor: Eskesen, Leif Lybecker
Series: Working Paper No. 09/249
October 21, 2009 -- Impact of the Global Financial Crisis and Its Implications for the East Asian Economy, Keynote Speech by Mr. Takatoshi Kato, Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, At the Korea International Financial Association, First International Conference

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