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IMF Finances

SDR at a Glance

Rates for August 28, 2015 Interest Rate = 0.050% | 1 USD = SDR 0.71018 MORE

The IMF posts Representative and SDR exchange rates daily Monday to Friday except for these holidays.

The SDR Interest Rate is posted every Monday.

IMF headquarters, Washington D.C.
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SDR Rates for August 28 SDR Interest Rate = 0.050% | 1 USD = SDR 0.71018 MORE

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Financial DataUpdated monthly


Financial Data by Country

Summary of IMF members' relations with the Fund

Financial Data Query Tool

Cross-country financial data since 1984, including positions, flows and projections.

Financial data by topic

Lending Arrangements

To support members' adjustment program


Obligations of members that are six or more months overdue

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Financial ReportsUpdated as indicated

financial data

Financial Activities Weekly

Summary report of financial assistance to member countries

Financial Resources & Liquidity Monthly

Total IMF resources, usable resources, and the one-year forward commitment capacity (FCC)

Financial Transactions Quarterly

Use of the Fund's quota-based resources to finance operations

IMF Financial Statements Quarterly

Prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards

annual report

About the IMF

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where does the IMF get its resources?

Gold in the IMF

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