International Monetary Fund


IMF Recruitment

Q. Do you have any openings?

A. Individual open positions are posted on an ongoing basis in the online JobLink system under Current Vacancies. In addition, the IMF continuously accepts applications for experienced economists, research assistants and staff/administrative assistants, because there is an ongoing need to fill such positions. The Fund also accepts applications for the next intake of the Economist Program (EP) and the Fund Internship Program (FIP).

Q. If you don't currently have a vacancy that matches my profile, can I send you my resume?

A. Yes. If you do not see a vacancy in your field, you might find it helpful to review the information in Careers at the IMF to see if the IMF typically hires professionals in your area of expertise. If we do, please consider completing a Candidate Profile through Current Vacancies in Joblink. If you set up the job agent within JobLink, we will send you e-mails when we have a vacancies that suit your interests. Please note that the IMF does not accept applications or resumes outside of the online JobLink system.

Q. How do I apply?

A. Applications for open positions, as well as for ongoing recruitment programs, must be submitted through our online Current Vacancies JobLink system. See Current Vacancies for more details. To apply, you must first create a Candidate Profile in the online system, as the IMF does not accept applications or CVs outside of JobLink. Early submission is encouraged.

Q. May I make changes to an application I have submitted online?

A. Yes, you may make changes to a previously submitted application until midnight of the day the position closes.

Q. How long does it take for an application to be processed?

A. Applications are usually reviewed within one week of closing of the vacancy. If your application matches the profile we are looking for, our recruiters will send it to the hiring department for review. If the hiring department expresses interest in your application, you will be contacted within a few weeks from the time you apply. The JobLink system will notify you if your application was not selected for further review. If we decide to pursue your application, we will arrange for an interview either via telephone, videoconference, or in Washington. Typically, a final interview is conducted in Washington.

Q. How long does it take until you make a decision on an advertised vacancy?

A. It depends on the circumstances and the number of qualified candidates who apply. Typically, for an internationally posted vacancy, it takes about three or four months from the time that the position is advertised.

Q. Do you hire people on a part-time basis?

A. Yes, however, there are very few part-time openings.

Q. Does the IMF consider candidates residing outside the U.S. for all positions?

A. The IMF recruits on a broad geographical basis. However, support-level positions, including administrative/staff assistants and research assistants, are filled with candidates residing in the local Washington, D.C. area.

Q. Does the IMF need to meet national recruitment quotas?

A. No. In choosing candidates, the IMF does not operate a nationality or any other quota system; the overriding consideration in selection is the candidates’ technical skills and personal qualities. However, where candidates of equal merit present themselves, selection takes into consideration the importance of improving the gender balance on the staff, and achieving as broad a geographic representation as possible. For more information, see Diversity and Inclusion.

Q. How many people does the IMF hire each year?

A. In total, the IMF hires only about 200 staff worldwide each year. Specific positions may not become vacant frequently and therefore competition can be strong.

Q. Do you have offices around the world? Do you recruit for these offices?

A. The IMF has a few small regional offices and a larger number of Resident Representative posts, which have local staff. However, recruitment for these local positions is handled by the office concerned and not by headquarters in Washington, D.C. The IMF does not recruit externally to fill professional positions in these offices.

Q. The IMF recruitment teams do not visit my university or city. Could I still be considered for a position?

A. Yes. Please complete and submit your Candidate Profile through Current Vacancies in Joblink and indicate your job interests. If your application looks promising, a representative from the Recruitment and Staffing Division may contact you to arrange an interview either at a nearby location or at Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Q. What languages are used at the IMF?

A. The working language of the Fund is English, and verbal and written proficiency in this language is therefore essential. Nonetheless, we would like to reassure non-native English speakers that their English does not have to be perfect, but it does need to be good enough to draft papers and to carry out technical discussions and negotiations with government officials. As the IMF is an international organization, there are, of course, many positions in areas such as Language Services that require knowledge of languages other than English (Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are typically the most useful). A facility for learning languages is also an asset. The IMF provides language instruction for staff so that they can be more effective in their work.

Q. I don't have a green card. Can I still apply for a position?

A. Yes. If you are not a U.S. citizen or do not hold permanent resident status, the Fund will help you obtain an appropriate visa (G-4 visa).