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The IMF has recently become aware that some recruitment related emails have been sent, purporting to come from the IMF. These emails typically inform individuals that they have been selected for employment with the IMF, and the message requests that individuals submit money for supposed training purposes in anticipation of further employment discussions with the Fund. These emails, and the message they claim to promote, are not in any way associated with the IMF, nor with any of its employees. The selection process for employment is undertaken in a fully transparent manner, and employment applications to IMF vacancies are submitted through our website which is free for all prospective employees.

IMF JobLink

To view openings and apply for jobs please access IMF's JobLink.

The IMF's online JobLink enables you to:

Search Current Vacancies

You may search all open positions posted in our online JobLink system or search by selecting any of the following criteria:

  • Job number (for example, from an advertisement)
  • Keyword
  • Job Field (senior management, economist, non-economist, support)
  • Location (all or a geographic region)
  • Job Level (entry level, individual contributor, team leader, manager or director)

You do not need to create a candidate profile to search for open positions, but you must create a profile to apply for a job online.

If you do not see a vacancy in your field, you might find it helpful to review the information in Careers at the IMF, to see if the IMF typically hires professionals in your area of expertise, and Recruitment Programs to see the Fund's ongoing recruitment programs.

Create or Update Your Candidate Profile

A Candidate Profile is required to apply online through Joblink. If you have applied to the IMF in the past and/or submitted your CV or resume prior to November 21, 2008, you will need to re-register in order to log on to the new system. Simply select "Sign in" in the top right-hand corner and click on the button "New User." Once you have successfully registered and logged in, the system will give you an opportunity to create your Candidate Profile.

Fields marked with an (*) must be completed. When you have completed the required information in a screen, click on "Save and Continue" to advance. As you move from one screen to another, the system will alert you if you have left a required field blank. You may track your progress through the series of screens on the bar at the top.

It takes most users at least 20 minutes to complete a profile. If you begin to complete your profile and are unable to finish, you may click on "Save as Draft" and return later to complete the profile and/or apply for a vacancy. When you have completed all screens, the system will show you a summary of your profile. You may edit and print the summary before clicking on "Submit." You will receive an e-mail acknowledgment confirming the receipt of your profile and/or application.

You may update your Candidate Profile at any time.

Apply for a Vacancy

You may apply online for a specific job vacancy or apply to one of the Fund's ongoing recruitment programs in JobLink. To do so, you must first create a Candidate Profile in the system. (See "Create/Update Your Candidate Profile" for more details). Please note that the IMF does not accept applications or CVs outside of JobLink. Early submission is encouraged.

To apply for an open position, simply click on "Apply" on the job page. The system will direct you to log on. You may apply to multiple job openings by using the "Job Cart" feature. If you begin to complete your application and are unable to finish, you may click on "Save as Draft" and return later to complete and submit your application. Drafts and previous applications may be accessed under "My JobPage."

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of each application you submit. For some positions, you may be asked additional questions relating to your professional career either when you submit your application or at a later time after the Fund has reviewed your qualifications.

Applications are usually reviewed within one week of receipt. If your application matches the profile we are looking for, our recruiters will send it to the hiring department for review. If the hiring department expresses interest in your application, you will be contacted within a few weeks from the time you apply. The JobLink system will notify you if your application was not selected for further review.

If the Fund decides to pursue your application, we will arrange for an interview either via telephone, videoconference, or in Washington. Typically, a final interview is conducted in Washington.

Ongoing Status Updates on Applications

After you submit your application for one or more vacancies, JobLink provides self-service updates on the status of your application(s). To view the status of your application, log onto the JobLink system and click on the My Jobpage tab. Scroll down to the list of vacancies to which you applied and, where applicable, note the "Submission Status" line and message title for each job listed. Click on the message title for the specific message related to the status of your application.

Apply for an Ongoing Recruitment Program

The IMF accepts applications on an ongoing basis for Experienced Economists, Research Assistants, and Support Staff (Administrative Assistants). Applications for the Economist Program (EP) and the Fund Internship Program (FIP) are also accepted for extended periods of time. Please see instructions on how to apply for each program.

Attach a Resume or Other File(s) to an Application

You may choose to either attach your CV/resume as a file or build it online in JobLink. You may attach up to 5 files to your Candidate Profile (cover letter, CV/resume, references, transcripts, research paper, publications, etc.). Please note the following when attaching files:

  • Please submit your Candidate Profile and/or resume in English.
  • Do not protect your resume or other files with any type of password.
  • You may attach up to 5 files, one at a time. The maximum size limit for each file is 100 kilobytes.
  • Attachments must be in one of the following formats: doc, pdf, rtf, txt or html. Our recruiters are not able to search the contents of images or compressed (zip) files.

Submit an Application for Future Openings

When you have completed a Candidate Profile in JobLink, your qualifications will be available to searches done by the Fund's recruiters. The more information you provide online (as opposed to in an attached file), the more searchable your profile. However, your qualifications are most likely to be noted when you apply for a specific vacancy or for an ongoing recruitment program, so you are encouraged to register for e-mail notification of job listings.

Register for E-mail Notification of Job Listings

When creating your Candidate Profile, you will have an opportunity to request e-mail notification of new positions at the Fund that match your interests. Notifications are sent whenever matching positions are posted in the system.

Send a Job Listing to a Colleague

You may send a job listing to a friend or colleague directly from the job description. Simply click on "Send this job to a colleague" in the right-hand margin and follow the directions on the screen.