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Health Care Benefits

Short-term Coverage Upon Arrival

The IMF provides automatic short-term medical coverage to prospective staff who have signed a letter of appointment, including family members whose appointment travel is paid for by the Fund and who are traveling with the prospective staff member. The coverage extends from up to 31 days in advance of your entry-on-duty through your travel to the U.S.

Medical Benefits Plan

The Medical Benefits Plan (MBP) provides coverage to Fund employees (including Executive Directors and their staff), their dependents and retirees. As a new staff member on a regular or contractual appointment, you are eligible to enroll for coverage in the MBP from your entry-on-duty date.

The plan covers you, your spouse or registered domestic partner, and your eligible dependents at all times and anywhere in the world. Aetna Global Benefits administers all benefits for MBP participants living in the U.S., including medical, dental and prescription drug benefits. MBP benefits for participants living outside the U.S. are administered by Vanbreda International.

The plan's medical benefits cover preventive services to promote good health, as well as those required for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions and disease. The plan also provides dental, prescription drug and mental health benefits as well as an annual vision exam. MBP participants are free to receive medical care from any licensed doctor, hospital or other care provider. You pay less out of your own pocket for care, however, when you choose providers who belong to Aetna’s network of over 462,000 doctors and 4,700 hospitals.

The IMF contributes three-fourths of MBP costs and participants contribute one-fourth. Your monthly contribution to the plan will depend on your annual salary and whether your coverage is for an individual, couple or family. Each year, you must pay a certain amount of your covered medical and dental expenses out of your own pocket – called the deductible – before the plan starts to pay benefits. Once you’ve met the deductible, you pay a portion of the remaining expense (called co-insurance) and the MBP pays the rest. The total amount you pay out of your own pocket for covered medical services is capped each year by an out-of-pocket limit (catastrophe clause).

Bank/Fund Health Services

The IMF shares an on-site health clinic with the World Bank. Fund employees may use the clinic free of charge for immunizations and other travel health needs, as well as for non-emergency medical attention during work hours. Bank/Fund Health Services also coordinates the response to medical emergencies of Fund staff who are overseas on operational travel or on a resident assignment.

Post-retirement Health Insurance

If you are at least age 50 on your last day of employment with the Fund and have at least 5 years of plan participation, you may elect to continue MBP coverage under the provisions for Fund retirees. Your monthly contribution will depend on the number of years you have been employed by the Fund, your pension and the type of coverage you elect.

Visitor’s Health Insurance

Seabury & Smith, the administrator of Gateway Plans, offers Fund employees the opportunity to purchase accident and medical insurance protection for your visiting friends and relatives. The Gateway Visit America Plan offers a comprehensive package of benefits and services to persons visiting the U.S.