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Family Benefits and Services

In addition to providing Expatriate, Health Care and Insurance Benefits to staff and their families, the IMF provides several other benefits and services that assist families in making a smooth transition to the Washington, D.C area and maintaining an ongoing work/life balance:

Househunting Assistance

To assist your family in finding housing in the DC area, the Fund can direct you to a number of Fund-affiliated licensed real estate professionals who can:

  • Provide an overview of the Washington Metropolitan area communities, transportation lines, schools and shopping for new staff
  • Identify apartments/townhouses/single-family homes available for rent or purchase, and escort staff members to view the properties selected
  • Assist in the acquisition and financing process for purchasing property
  • Assist in the sale of existing homes, or the leasing and property management of them

Work/Life Assistance

To assist your family in settling into American culture and the Washington, DC, area, the IMF provides a variety of professional advisors, including:

  • Childcare and Preschool Consultant
  • Education Consultant
  • Legal Services Consultant
  • Immigration and Visa Services Consultant
  • Financial Planning Consultant
  • Family Consultation Service

Spouse/Partner Career Assistance

The IMF Spouse & Domestic Partners Career Service is designed to assist the spouses and work-authorization eligible domestic partners of Fund staff members gain an understanding of the local job market, assess opportunities and successfully apply their expertise and skills to achieve personal career goals. The service is coordinated by an internal spouse career advisor with supplementary services provided by external consultants.

Family Leave

The IMF provides several types of leave that will allow you to assist your family when necessary and maintain a sense of work/life balance. For more details, see Holidays and Leave.

Spouse Travel Points

The IMF recognizes that travel on Fund business may keep you separated from your spouse/partner for longer periods of time. So for each night spent on Fund business away from your duty station country, you will accrue one point toward a trip by your spouse/partner to accompany you on business travel. After accumulating sufficient points, your spouse/partner may join you on official travel at Fund expense.

Childcare & Back-up Childcare

The Fund provides an on-site childcare center offering IMF staff full-time childcare for a monthly fee. Back-up childcare is also available for the occasional use when regular childcare arrangements are disrupted and you need an alternative arrangement on a temporary basis in order to meet your job responsibilities.

Domestic Partnership

The Fund recognizes domestic partner relationships and offers a domestic partner, as your dependent, eligibility for a number of benefits.

IMF Family Association

The mission of the IMF Family Association (IMFFA) is to provide a welcoming, supportive community for IMF families. Membership is open to all spouses and partners of Fund employees. For complete information and upcoming activities, please contact the association at