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IMF Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Economic Forums

November 26, 2018 High-Level Conference on Building Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change in the Caribbean, IMF Headquarters, Washington DC
November 19-20, 2018 6th Statistical Forum: Measuring Economic Welfare in the Digital Age: What and How?, Washington, D.C.
November 15, 2018 Fourth Annual Richard Goode Lecture: Inequality, Deaths of Despair, and the Future of Capitalism, Washington, D.C.
November 6, 2018 Fintech Week Research and Policy Forum on Crypto Assets, Washington, DC
November 1-2, 2018 19th Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: "International Spillovers and Cooperation", Washington, D.C.
September 25-27, 2018 2018 Law and Financial Stability High-Level Seminar, Washington, D.C.
September 13-14, 2018 Sovereign Debt: A Guide for Economists and Practitioners, Washington, D.C.
September 6-7, 2018 Third IMF-Atlanta Fed Workshop "China in the Global Economy", Washington, D.C.
September 6, 2018 2018 Michel Camdessus Central Banking Lecture, Washington, D.C.
July 25-27, 2018 XV Regional Conference for Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
July 9-10, 2018 Workshop on Fintech, Payments, and Financial Inclusion, Gaborone, Botswana
June 25-26, 2018 The Euro at 20, Dublin, Ireland
June 11, 2018 1st Joint IMF-OECD-World Bank Conference on Structural Reforms, Paris, France
June 4-5, 2018 2018 Tokyo Fiscal Forum: Strengthened Fiscal Management in Asia [Part I], Tokyo, Japan
June 4-5, 2018 2018 Tokyo Fiscal Forum: Strengthened Fiscal Management in Asia [Part II], Tokyo, Japan
May 14, 2018 Launch of the IMF Global Debt Database, Intsitute of International Finance, Washington, D.C.
April 26, 2018 Advancing the Evaluation of Tax Reforms Conference and Database Launch, Washington, D.C.
April 22, 2018 Splitting the Riches: The Present and Future of Taxation by Formula, Washington, D.C.
April 21-22, 2018 2018 Fiscal Forum: Corruption and Public Sector Governance, Washington, DC
April 16, 2018 IMF-JFSA-BOJ Conference on FinTech, Tokyo, Japan
April 12, 2018 A Joint People's Bank of China - International Monetary Fund High-level Conference on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Bejing
April 10-11, 2018 The Ninth IMF-Japan High-Level Tax Conference for Asian Countries in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
April 3, 2018 Spain: From Recovery to Resilience, Madrid, Spain
March 22, 2018 Conference on Financial Inclusion: Drivers and Real Effects, Washington, D.C.
March 1-31, 2018 ASEAN Instagram Photo Contests,
February 27, 2018 High-Level International Conference: New Growth Models in a Changing Global Landscape, Jakarta, Indonesia
February 27, 2018-March 1, 2018 Fiscal Management of Mining and Petroleum in West Africa, Accra, Ghana
February 15, 2018 Transforming France's Economy and Completing the Integration of the Eurozone, Paris, France
January 29-30, 2018 Opportunity for All: Promoting Growth, Jobs, and Inclusiveness in the Arab World, Marrakesh, Morocco
January 18, 2018 Germany – Current Economic Policy Debates, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt, Germany
January 10-11, 2018 Weak productivity: The role of financial factors and policies, Paris, France
November 29, 2017 Sixth IMF-WB-WTO Trade Conference, Washington, D.C.
November 16, 2017 2017 High Level Caribbean Forum: Unleashing Growth and Strengthening Resilience, Kingston, Jamaica
November 16-17, 2017 Fifth IMF Statistical Forum: Measuring Digital Economy, Washington D.C.
November 2, 2017 Third Annual Richard Goode Lecture: Improving Equality of Opportunity: New Lessons from Big Data, Washington, D.C.
November 2-4, 2017 Gender Equality: From Theory to Practice - A Peer Learning Experience, Kigali, Rwanda
November 2-3, 2017 Eighteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference "The Global Financial Cycle", Washington, D.C.
October 11, 2017 Meeting Globalization's Challenges, Washington, D.C.
September 25-26, 2017 Ideas Workshop on Harnessing Digital Technologies to Improve Tax Revenue Performance and Outcomes, Kampala, Uganda
September 18, 2017 2017 Michel Camdessus Central Banking Lecture, Washington, DC
September 7-8, 2017 Prospects and Challenges for Sustained Growth in Asia, Seoul, Korea
July 25-26, 2017 Globalization in the Aftermath of the Crisis, Kuala Lumpur
July 12-13, 2017 International Taxation in Asia: Issues and the Way Forward, Jakarta, Indonesia
July 10-11, 2017 Reaccelerating Convergence in Central Eastern and Southeastern Europe - The Role of Governance and Institutions , Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 4-5, 2017 Negative Euro Area Interest Rates and Spillovers on Western Balkan Central Bank Policies and Instruments,
April 28, 2017 Fifth PBC and IMF Joint Conference, Bejing
April 25-26, 2017 Spillovers from Macroeconomic Policies, Washington, D.C.
April 24, 2017 International Tax Competition: Challenges for Developing Economies, IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC
April 22-23, 2017 2017 Fiscal Forum: Digital Revolutions in Public Finance, IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC
April 4-7, 2017 Building Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change, Suva, Fiji
March 29, 2017 IMF Book Launch and Seminar: Fiscal Politics, Brookings Institution, Washington DC
March 23-24, 2017 Conference on Gender and Macroeconomics, IMF Headquaters, Washington, D.C.
March 22-23, 2017 The Eighth IMF-Japan High-Level Tax Conference For Asian Countries in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
March 8-9, 2017 The Future of International Monetary System for Asia, Tokyo, Japan
March 6, 2017 Transparency and Beyond: Harnessing the Power of Accrual in Managing Public Finances, Washington, D.C.
February 21, 2017 The Shifting Economic and Political Landscape: Integration of Fragmentation?, Berlin, Germany
February 12, 2017 Arab Fiscal Forum : Revenue Diversification in the Arab World: Challenges and Opportunities, Dubai, UAE
February 9-10, 2017 Workshop on Macroeconomic Policy and Income Inequality, Washington, D.C.
February 3, 2017 Key Economic Challenges in Asia (Policy Alternatives Research Institute, the University of Tokyo (PARI) / the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP) Joint Seminar), Tokyo, Japan
February 1-2, 2017 IMF-JICA Conference on Regional Development: Fiscal Risks, Fiscal Space, and the Sustainable Development Goals, Tokyo, Japan
February 1-2, 2017 Cross-Border Banking and Regulatory Reforms: Implications for Africa from International Experience, Mauritius, IMF Africa Training Institute
November 22, 2016 The Shifting Global Economic and Political Landscape: Integration or Fragmentation?, Beijing, China
November 17-18, 2016 XIV Regional Conference on Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, Guatemala
November 17-18, 2016 The Fourth IMF Statistical Forum, Washington D.C.
November 8, 2016 2nd Annual Richard Goode Lecture: Professor Esther Duflo: “The Economist as Plumber: Laying the Pipes, Fixing the Leaks”, Washington, DC, HQ2 Conference Hall 1
November 7, 2016 Book Presentation: "Contagion Risk: The Lender of Last Resort and Other Emergency Powers", Washington, D.C.
November 7-8, 2016 Coping with Macroeconomic Vulnerabilities and Spillovers, Tokyo, Japan
November 7, 2016 Fiscal Policies and Gender Equality, IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC
November 3-4, 2016 Hackathon: Innovation and Collaboration for the Senegalese Tax System, Terrou-Bi Hotel, Dakar, Senegal
November 3-4, 2016 Seventeenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: Macroeconomics after the Great Recession , Washington, D.C.
November 2, 2016 2016 High Level Caribbean Forum - Shifting Tides: Challenges and Opportunities, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
October 31, 2016-November 1, 2016 Regional Integration in the East African Community (EAC): Making the Most of the Common Market on the Road to a Monetary Union, Arusha, Tanzania
October 24-25, 2016 Call for Papers: Joint ECB-IMF workshop on money markets, monetary policy implementation and market infrastructures, Frankfurt, Germany
October 3-4, 2016 Monetary Policy, Macroprudential Regulation and Inequality, Zurich, Switzerland
September 20, 2016 Finance for All: Promoting Financial Inclusion in West Africa - ECOWAS Regional Conference, Dakar, Senegal
September 8-9, 2016 The Energy Transition, NDCs, and the Post-COP21 Agenda, Marrakech, Morocco
September 1-2, 2016 Global Labor Markets: Conference and Call for Papers, Paris, France
August 4-5, 2016 Caucus of IMF and World Bank African Governors (Declaration: English | Français), Cotonou, Benin
July 14-15, 2016 Enhancing Social Spending in Support of Inclusive Growth in Asia, Colombo, Sri Lanka
June 26, 2016 Latin America: Structural Reforms to Boost Economic Growth, Montevideo, Uruguay
June 24, 2016 2016 Michel Camdessus Central Banking Lecture, Washington, DC
June 24-25, 2016 Conference on Exchange Rates and External Adjustment, Zurich, Switzerland
June 2, 2016 Global Economy and China: Urgency of Structural Reforms, Tokyo, Japan
May 22-23, 2016 High Level Forum on Strengthening Islamic banking regulation and supervision in the Arab region, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
May 19-20, 2016 Rethinking Monetary-Fiscal Policy Coordination - Jointly organized by the Bank of Slovenia and the IMF, Portorož, Slovenia
May 16-18, 2016 Law and Financial Stability Seminar: Promoting Financial Stability through the Rule of Law, Washington, D.C.
April 28, 2016 Fourth Joint Conference of People’s Bank of China and IMF, Beijing
April 28-29, 2016 First Research Workshop on China's Economy, Washington, D.C.
April 28-29, 2016 Call for papers: Capital Flows, Systemic Risk, and Policy Responses, Reykjavik, Iceland
April 26-27, 2016 First Annual ECB Macroprudential Policy and Research Conference - jointly organised with the International Monetary Fund,
April 17, 2016 International Taxation: Opportunities and Risks, Washington, D.C.
April 15, 2016 IMF Book Launch and Seminar: Breaking the Oil Spell; The Gulf Falcons' Path to Diversification, Jack Morton Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington, DC
April 15-17, 2016 2016 Spring Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group, Washington, DC
April 11, 2016 Financial Inclusion: Macroeconomic and Regulatory Challenges, Washington, DC
April 6, 2016 The Seventh IMF-Japan High-Level Tax Conference For Asian Countries, Tokyo, Japan
April 4-6, 2016 Séminaire Régional L’État des Lieux et les Perspectives de la Mise en Ceuvre des Réformes de la Gestion des Finances Publiques dans la CEMAC , Yaoundé, Cameroon
March 11-13, 2016 Advancing Asia: Investing for the Future, New Delhi, India
March 3-4, 2016 Advances and Challenges in Regional Integration, Tokyo, Japan
March 3, 2016 High-Level Conference on Economic Linkages between Asia and Latin America: Opportunities, Challenges and Policies, IMF Headquarters (HQ2), Washington, D.C.
February 22, 2016 Arab Fiscal Forum – Fiscal Policy and Growth Jointly organized by the Arab Monetary Fund and the International Monetary Fund, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
January 29, 2016 Small Middle-Income Countries - Raising the Bar, Gaborone, Botswana
January 27, 2016 Book Launch: Public Financial Management in Latin America: The Key to Efficiency and Transparency, Washington, DC
January 21-22, 2016 Capacity Building Seminar: Integrated Macroeconomic Statistics and the Balance Sheet Approach for Better Economic Decision-Making, Siem Reap, Cambodia
December 18-19, 2015 International Symposium on Housing and Financial Stability in China, Shenzhen, China
December 15, 2015 Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities after the 2015 Paris Conference, Tokyo, Japan
December 2, 2015 Inaugural Richard Goode Lecture: "A History of U.S. Debt Limits", Washington, DC
November 19-20, 2015 Third IMF Statistics Forum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
November 11, 2015 Islamic Finance: Meeting Global Aspirations, Kuwait City
November 11, 2015 Big Data and Analytics Symposium, Washington DC
November 5-6, 2015 Sixteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: "Unconventional Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies", Washington, D.C.
October 29-30, 2015 Capacity Building Seminar on Financial Sector Stability, Da Nang, VIETNAM
October 20, 2015 Book Launch and Panel Discussion: Collapse and Revival: Understanding Global Recessions and Recoveries, Brookings Institution, Washington DC
September 29, 2015-October 1, 2015 Challenges in Determining the Tax Base for Extractive Industries Issues, Problems and Practice in the Andean Region (Spanish), Bogotá, Colombia
September 21, 2015 2015 Ethics in Finance—Robin Cosgrove Prize, IMF HQ2, Washington, D.C.
September 17, 2015 IMF Book Launch: Peru: Staying the Course of Economic Success, Lima, Peru
September 3-4, 2015 2015 High Level Caribbean Forum: Financing Growth, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts
September 2, 2015 Future of Asia's Finance: Finance for Development 2015, Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
August 11-13, 2015 Natural Resource Taxation in the Asia-Pacific Region, Jakarta, Indonesia
July 23-24, 2015 XIII Regional Conference on Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, San Salvador, El Salvador
July 15, 2015 IMF Launches New Public Investment Management Assessment, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
July 13-16, 2015 United Nations Third International Conference on Financing for Development: Time for Global Action, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
June 22-25, 2015 High-Level Dialogue on Enhancing Macroeconomic Resilience to Natural Disasters, June 25, 2015, Fiji
June 18-19, 2015 Secular Stagnation, Growth and Real Interest Rates Conference, Florence, Italy
June 16-17, 2015 2015 G-20 Data Gaps Initiative (DGI)Global Conference, IMF Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
June 1, 2015 High-Level Conference on Latin America: Rising Challenges to Growth and Stability in a Shifting Global Environment, IMF Headquarters (HQ2), Washington, D.C.
May 14, 2015 Michel Camdessus Central Banking Lecture, to be delivered by Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, Washington, D.C.
April 29, 2015 Workshop: The Future of Rules-Based Fiscal Policy, Brussels, Belgium
April 20, 2015 International Taxation: a Dialogue with Developing Countries, Washington, DC
April 15-16, 2015 Rethinking Macro Policy III: Progress or Confusion?, Washington, D.C.
April 15-17, 2015 IMF / CFD conference: Financing for Development, Geneva, Switzerland
April 7-9, 2015 The Sixth IMF-Japan High-Level Tax Conference for Asian Countries, Tokyo, Japan
March 23, 2015 Finance for All: Promoting Financial Inclusion in Central Africa - Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) Regional Conference, Brazzaville, Congo
March 16, 2015 Third Joint Conference by the People’s Bank of China (PBC) and the IMF, Ritz Carlton Financial Street, Beijing
March 12-13, 2015 Inequality: What has been happening, why does it matter, and what can be done?, Tokyo, Japan
March 10, 2015 The Western Balkans: 15 Years of Economic Transition, Vienna, Austria
March 2, 2015 High-level conference: Managing Capital Flows: Lessons from Emerging Markets for Frontier Economies , Mauritius
February 17-18, 2015 Frontier and Developing Asia: Supporting Rapid and Inclusive Growth, Tokyo, Japan
January 19, 2015 Ireland—Lessons from its Recovery from the Bank-Sovereign Loop, Dublin, Ireland
December 11-12, 2014 IIMB-IMF Conference on Housing Markets, Financial Stability and Growth, Bangalore, India
December 5-6, 2014 High level conference on "Challenges for Securing Growth & Shared Prosperity in Latin America" co-hosted by the International Monetary Fund and the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Chile, Santiago, Chile
December 5, 2014 Fiscal Affairs Department's 50th Anniversary Conference: "Fiscal Affairs, Past and Future", Washington, DC
November 25-26, 2014 Asian Regional Seminar on Public Financial Management. PFM Reforms: Lessons Learnt, Promises and Tears, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
November 20-21, 2014 Macroeconomic Rebalancing for Sustainable Growth, Seoul, Korea
November 18-19, 2014 Second IMF Statistical Forum on Statistics for Policymaking—Identifying Macroeconomic and Financial Vulnerabilities, IMF HQ2, Washington, DC
November 13-14, 2014 Macroprudential Policy - Implementation and Interaction with other Policies, Stockholm, Sweden
November 13-14, 2014 Fifteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: "Cross-Border Spillovers", Washington DC
November 6-7, 2014 Third IMF/WB/WTO Joint Trade Workshop, Washington, DC
October 23-24, 2014 2014 High Level Caribbean Forum: Unlocking Economic Growth, Montego Bay, Jamaica
October 23-24, 2014 Capacity Building Seminar on Monetary Policy in Transition: The Case for a Two-Pillar Monetary Regime, Bali, Indonesia
October 10-12, 2014 2014 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG), Washington, D.C.
September 18-19, 2014 Workshop on Macroeconomic Policy and Income Inequality, IMF Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
July 2, 2014 Inaugural Michel Camdessus Central Banking Lecture, Washington DC
June 30, 2014 Essay Contest: How to Build a Better Future for Latin America, Washington, DC
June 26-27, 2014 Fourteenth International Monetary Fund Public Debt Management Forum, Paris, France
June 25-26, 2014 Global Conference on the G-20 Data Gaps Initiative (DGI), Basel, Switzerland
June 12, 2014 Institutions for Fiscal Credibility—Fiscal Policy Rules and Fiscal Councils: Experience and Prospects in the Asia-Pacific Region, Tokyo, Japan
June 12-13, 2014 International Banking: Microfoundations and Macroeconomic Implications, De Nederlandsche Bank
May 29-30, 2014 Africa Rising: Building to the Future, Maputo, Mozambique
May 11-12, 2014 Building the Future: Jobs, Growth, and Fairness in the Arab World, Amman, Jordan
May 8-9, 2014 Interconnectedness: Building Bridges between Research and Policy, Washington DC
April 30, 2014-May 1, 2014 High-Level IMF Conference on Economic Development, Diversification, and the Role of the State, Kuwait City, Kuwait
April 30, 2014-May 2, 2014 Coordination fiscale en UEMOA : Évaluler le passé et tracer l’avenir, Dakar, Sénégal
April 29-30, 2014 Call For Papers— International Dimensions Of Conventional And Unconventional Monetary Policy, Frankfurt
April 21-23, 2014 Emerging Tax Issues in Asia; The Fifth IMF-Japan High-Level Tax Conference For Asian Countries in Tokyo,
April 18, 2014 Reforming Fiscal Governance in the EU: Operational Issues and Options, IMF Offices in Europe, Paris, France
April 4, 2014 IMF Administrative Tribunal Presents a Symposium: The Future of International Administrative Law: Harmonization? Fragmentation? Dialogue?, Washington, DC
March 27, 2014 Second Joint Conference of People's Bank of China and IMF, Ritz Carlton Financial District, Beijing
March 13, 2014 Launch of IMF Staff Policy Paper: Fiscal Policy and Income Inequality, Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC
March 10, 2014 Financing the Future: Infrastructure Development in Central Africa, Yaoundé, Cameroon
March 3-7, 2014 Lipton-Roubini University Roadshow, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago
March 3-5, 2014 Tributación de las industrias extractivas en la región Andina, Lima, Perú
February 28, 2014 The Future of Asia's Finance: IMF-HKMA Joint Conference: Helping Asia Invest, Integrate and Innovate, While Remaining Resilient, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
February 27-28, 2014 Call For Papers—International Conference on Food Price Volatility: Causes and Challenges, Rabat, Morocco
February 25-26, 2014 International Conference on Food Price Volatility: Causes and Challenges, Rabat, Morocco
January 30-31, 2014 Macroeconomic Challenges Facing Low-Income Countries, IMF HQ, Washington DC
January 28, 2014 BOOK LAUNCH - "Jobs and Growth: Supporting the European Recovery", Brussels, Belgium
January 15-17, 2014 Fiscal Management of Oil and Natural Gas in East Africa, Arusha, Tanzania
December 12-13, 2013 Nordic-Baltic Financial Linkages and Challenges, Tallinn, Estonia
December 12-13, 2013 CALL FOR PAPERS: Macroeconomic Challenges Facing Low-Income Countries, Washington, DC
December 5-6, 2013 Fourteenth Global Bond Market Forum Infrastructure Financing and Bond Markets: Meeting the Challenges, Washington, DC
December 3, 2013 The Private Sector in the Middle East—How Can It Contribute More to Growth?, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
November 21-22, 2013 XII Annual Regional Conference on Central America, Panama and Dominican Republic, San José, Costa Rica
November 14-15, 2013 CALL FOR PAPERS: Housing, Stability, and the Macroeconomy--International Perspectives, Dallas, Texas, USA
November 12-13, 2013 First IMF Statistical Forum: Statistics for Global Economic and Financial Stability, IMF Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
November 7-8, 2013 Crises: Yesterday and Today - Fourteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference, Washington, DC
November 7-8, 2013 Sixteenth Annual International Banking Conference by the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, IL
October 28, 2013 Opportunities and Challenges of Financial Integration in West Africa, Accra, Ghana
September 26-27, 2013 Asia: Challenges of Stability and Growth, Seoul, Korea
September 19-20, 2013 Building Growth into the Caribbean Sustainability Agenda—a Concerted Approach, Nassau, The Bahamas
September 17-19, 2013 Harnessing Natural Resource Wealth for Inclusive Growth and Economic Development, Dili, Timor Leste
September 17-18, 2013 Ready for Take Off; A High Level Conference on Kenya’s Economic Successes, Prospects, and Challenges,
June 28, 2013 Workshop: Advances in Numerical Methods for Economics, Washington, DC
June 12-14, 2013 Capacity Building Seminar on Foreign Exchange Market Development, Bangkok, Thailand
June 5-6, 2013 Second Annual IMF/WB/WTO Joint Trade Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland
May 19-21, 2013 Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA): The Transition Journey and the Road Ahead, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
May 17, 2013 Financial Structure: The Issues, Washington, DC
May 9, 2013 IMF Book Launch and Seminar: The Eastern Caribbean Economic and Currency Union: Macroeconomics and Financial Systems, Washington, DC
May 7, 2013 Promouvoir une croissance inclusive au Burkina Faso : quelles voies à suivre ?, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
April 21-22, 2013 Joint IMF-WB Conference: Fiscal Policy, Equity, and Long-Term Growth in Developing Countries, Washington, DC
April 19-21, 2013 Spring Meetings 2013 of the World Bank Group and the IMF, Washington, DC
April 18, 2013 Challenges Facing Small Middle-Income Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Washington, D.C.
April 18, 2013 SBV/IMF Conference: Vietnam-Retaining Stability, Enhancing the Competitive Edge, and Reaping the Growth Potential, Hanoi, Vietnam
April 17, 2013 Fiscal Forum: Panel Discussion on The Evolving Role of Fiscal Policy, Washington, DC
April 16, 2013 IMF Book Launch and Seminar: Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture, Washington, DC
April 16-17, 2013 Rethinking Macro Policy II: First Steps and Early Lessons, Washington, DC
April 2-4, 2013 The Fourth IMF-Japan High-Level Tax Conference for Asian Countries, Tokyo, Japan
March 20, 2013 IMF and PBC Joint Conference on Capital Flows Management: Lessons from International Experience (Chinese Version Available), Beijing, China
March 20-21, 2013 Understanding International Commodity Price Fluctuations, Washington, D.C.
March 18, 2013 Managing Natural Resource Revenue in Liberia: Opportunities and Challenges Managing Resources for Sustained Economic Development, Monrovia, Liberia
March 18, 2013 Designing Fiscally Sustainable and Equitable Pension Systems in Emerging Europe in the Post-Crisis World, Vienna, Austria
February 21, 2013 Diversification and Structural Transformation for Growth and Stability in Low-Income Countries, Washington, D.C.
January 27-28, 2013 Frontier Asia: Economic Transformation and Inclusive Growth, Bangkok, Thailand
January 9-10, 2013 Designing Fiscally Sustainable and Equitable Pension Systems in Asia in the Post-crisis World, Tokyo, Japan
December 13-14, 2012 Reforming EU Fiscal Governance, Frankfurt, Germany
November 30, 2012 IMF Book Discussion: Why Nations Fail: Origins of Power, Poverty, and Prosperity, Washington, DC
November 12-13, 2012 Taxation and Economic Growth in Latin America, Brasilia, Brazil
November 8-9, 2012 Thirteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: Labor Markets through the Lens of the Great Recession, Washington, DC
October 12-14, 2012 2012 Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, Tokyo, Japan
September 26, 2012 IMF Book Launch and Seminar: Oil Wealth in Central Africa: Policies for Inclusive Growth, Washington, DC
September 24, 2012 Financial Deepening, Macro-Stability, and Growth in Developing Countries, Washington, DC
September 19, 2012 Structural Change and the Rise of Asia, Canberra, Australia
September 14, 2012 Financial Crises: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses , Washington, DC
September 4-5, 2012 Rethinking Policy to Address Low Growth and High Debt in the Caribbean, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
July 26-27, 2012 XI Annual Regional Conference on Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)
July 12-13, 2012 Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Joint Vienna Institute, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), Vienna, Austria
July 12-13, 2012 JVI 20th Anniversary Essay and Video Contest: “Training, Transition, and Development: The Role of the JVI” , Vienna, Austria
June 20-22, 2012 Rio+20: The Future We Want, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 5, 2012 AGAINST THE ODDS: Lessons From the Recovery in The Baltics, Riga, Latvia
May 21, 2012 IMF Book Forum: The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World, Washington, DC
May 21-22, 2012 Towards a New Growth Strategy for Employment, Decent Work and Development in Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia
May 11, 2012 Jobs & Growth Seminar, Washington, DC
May 7-8, 2012 Fiscal Consolidation Programs and Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks, Stockholm, Sweden
May 3, 2012 IMF Book Launch and Seminar--Tearing Down Walls: The International Monetary Fund, 1990 – 1999 , Washington, DC
May 2, 2012 Workshop by IMF Fiscal Affairs Department and Offices in Europe on Enforceable Fiscal Rules , Paris, France
April 20-22, 2012 Spring Meetings 2012 of the IMF and the World Bank Group , Washington, DC
April 19, 2012 Book launch and Seminar: The Economics of Public Health Care Reform in Advanced and Emerging Economies , Washington, DC
April 12, 2012 Seizing the Moment – Thinking Beyond the Crisis, Keynote Address by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde at the Brookings Institution , The Brookings Institution, Washington, DC
April 6-7, 2012 Policy Responses to Commodity Price Movements , Istanbul, Turkey
March 23, 2012 The Financial System Five Years from Now, Washington, D.C.
March 23, 2012 The Pacific Way: Fostering Inclusive Growth and Building Resilience, Samoa
March 22, 2012-May 23, 2012 Monetary Policy Workshop on Strengthening Macroprudential Frameworks, Tokyo, Japan
March 21-22, 2012 Management of Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
March 19-20, 2012 China and India: Sustaining High Quality Growth, New Delhi, India
February 29, 2012-March 2, 2012 Macroprudential Policies to Achieve Financial Stability, Punta del Este, Uruguay
February 2, 2012 Analyzing (External) Imbalances, Washington, D.C.
January 31, 2012-February 3, 2012 Emerging Tax Issues in Asia and the Pacific -- Third IMF-Japan High-Level Tax Conference for Asia and Pacific Countries, Tokyo, Japan
January 23, 2012 Global Challenges in 2012: Keynote address by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, Berlin, Germany
December 2, 2011 First IMF/WB/WTO Joint Trade Workshop, Washington, DC
November 22, 2011 Tax Reform in the U.K. and the U.S.: Lessons from the Mirrlees Review, Washington, DC
November 10-11, 2011 Monetary and Macroprudential Policies: Twelfth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference , Washington, D.C.
November 9-10, 2011 African Fiscal Forum: Fiscal Policy Challenges in Africa , Cape Town, South Africa
October 27, 2011 Iceland´s Recovery—Lessons and Challenges, Reykjavík, Iceland
October 19, 2011 IMF Book Discussion--Exorbitant Privilege: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System , Washington, DC
October 14, 2011 IMF Book Forum--Lost Decades: The Making of America's Debt Crisis and the Long Recovery , Washington, DC
October 12, 2011 IMF/JICA Joint Conference on Sustaining Development in Low-Income Asia: Infrastructure Investment and Financial Sector Development, Tokyo, Japan
October 3, 2011 Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific/Fiscal Affiars Department Conference: Public Health Care Reform in Asia, Tokyo, Japan
September 23-25, 2011 2011 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and the IMF, Washington, DC
September 21, 2011 Commodity Price Volatility and Inclusive Growth in LICs, Washington, DC
September 8, 2011 IMF Book Launch - Chipping Away at Public Debt: Sources of Failure and Keys to Success in Fiscal Adjustment , Washington, DC
July 28-29, 2011 X Annual Regional Conference on Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, Managua, Nicaragua
June 22-23, 2011 11th IMF Consultations on Managing Sovereign Risk and Public Debt-¡°Legacy of the Crisis: Long Term Implications for Managing Sovereign Risk, Government Balance Sheets, and Debt Management¡± , COEX InterContinental Seoul, Korea
June 21, 2011 Public Health Care Reforms: Challenges and Lessons for Advanced and Emerging Europe, IMF Office in Europe, Paris, France
June 21, 2011 Kurt Viermetz Lecture, The American Academy in Berlin --John Lipsky on The Challenges of Economic Policy Cooperation , Berlin, Germany
June 6-7, 2011 Fiscal Policy, Stabilization, and Sustainability, Florence, Italy
May 26-27, 2011 Joint High-level conference: Managing Capital Flows in Emerging Markets, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May 12, 2011 BOOK LAUNCH -- Economics of Sovereign Wealth Funds—Issues for Policymakers (IMF 2010) , Beijing, China
April 17-19, 2011 Revenue Mobilization and Development, Washington, DC
April 15-17, 2011 World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings, Washington, DC
April 14, 2011 Fiscal Forum: Fiscal Adjustment and Risks, Washington, DC
April 14-15, 2011 IMF Seminars at the 2011 Spring Meetings, Washington, DC
April 7, 2011 Macro-Financial Stability in the New Normal , Washington, DC
April 7, 2011 Macro-Financial Stability in the New Normal, Washington, DC
April 4, 2011 Global Challenges, Global Solutions , Jack Morton Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington, DC
March 30-31, 2011 Implementing the G-20 Data Gaps Recommendations: State of Play and Next Steps, Washington DC
March 21-22, 2011 Revenue Mobilization in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
March 18, 2011 IMF High–Level Roundtable: Financial Crisis and Sovereign Risk: Implications for Financial Stability , Washington, DC
March 17-18, 2011 Grands Défis et Opportunités Economiques du Mali , Bamako, Mali
March 11, 2011 Coping with Asia’s Large Capital Inflows in a Multi-Speed Global Economy, Bali, Indonesia
March 9, 2011 Book Discussion Event: Rebalancing Growth in Asia -- Economic Dimensions for China, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, DC
March 7-8, 2011 Macro and Growth Policies in the Wake of the Crisis, Washington, DC
February 28, 2011-March 2, 2011 Strengthening the Development of Sectoral Balance Sheets and Accumulation Accounts, Washington, DC, 20431
February 10, 2011 Towards a more stable international monetary system, Washington, DC
February 1, 2011 The Global Economic Outlook and Asia’s Role in the Global Economy, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Singapore
January 27-28, 2011 Caribbean Conference: Options for the Caribbean After the Global Financial Crisis, Bridgetown, Barbados
December 9, 2010 IMF Conference: Large Fiscal Adjustment Plans, Washington, DC
December 2-3, 2010 High-Level Seminar: The Political Economy of Reforms , Paris, France
November 30, 2010 Sustainable Investment Scaling up in Low-Income Countries, Washington, DC
November 16, 2010 Overcoming the Jobs Crisis, Washington, DC
November 5, 2010 Book Discussion Event--Macrofinancial Linkages: Trends, Crises, and Policies, Washington, DC
November 5, 2010 Economic Forum: Macro-Prudential Regulation, Washington, DC
November 4-5, 2010 Eleventh Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference, Washington, DC
October 22, 2010 The Unemployment Crisis: Costs, Causes and Cures, Washington, DC
October 19-20, 2010 Joint IMF-World Bank Celebrations of World Statistics Day, Washington, DC
October 18, 2010 Macro-Prudential Policies: Asian Perspectives Sponsored by the IMF, hosted by the People’s Bank of China , Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
October 8, 2010 Seminar on Regional Financial Safety Nets, Washington, DC
October 8-10, 2010 2010 Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, Washington, D.C.
September 23-24, 2010 Macroprudential Regulatory Policies: The New Road to Financial Stability?, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
September 16, 2010 IMF Background Note for the UN MDG Summit-Reaching the MDGs: Macroeconomic Prospects and Challenges in Low-Income Countries , Washington DC
September 16, 2010 High-Level Conference--Financial Sector Taxation; September 16, 2010, IMF Offices in Europe, 66 avenue d’Iena, Paris, France
September 13, 2010 The Challenges of Growth, Employment and Social Cohesion, Oslo, Norway
September 9, 2010 The Taxation of Petroleum and Minerals, IMF, HQ1, Events Hall, 700 19th St. NW, Washington, DC 20431
September 2, 2010 Book Discussion Event - Anatomy of a Crisis, Washington DC
July 1-2, 2010 10th IMF Forum on Policy and Operational Issues Facing Public Debt Management: Managing Sovereign Balance Sheet Risks in Turbulent Times, The Opera Terrace; Stockholm, Sweden
June 12-13, 2010 Asia: Leading the Way Forward, Daejeon, Korea
May 26-28, 2010 Conference on Operationalizing Systemic Risk Monitoring, Washington, DC
April 27, 2010 Managing Volatility in Low-Income Countries, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC
April 22-23, 2010 Fiscal Strategies After the Global Crisis, IMF, Washington, DC
April 16, 2010 Systemic Risk and Macro Prudential Tools, IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC
April 8-9, 2010 High-Level Conference on Financial Crisis and Information Gaps, Basel, Switzerland
April 8-9, 2010 Eleventh OECD-WBG-IMF Global Bond Market Forum, The World Bank, 1818 H Street N.W., Room MC 13-121, Washington, D.C. 20433
March 22, 2010 Post-Crisis Growth and Poverty Reduction in Developing Asia, Hanoi, Vietnam
March 22, 2010 African Finance in the 21st Century: Lessons from the Crisis and Beyond -- BOOK EVENT, Washington, D.C.
February 25, 2010 KDI/IMF Conference on Reconstructing the World Economy, Seoul, Korea
January 28-29, 2010 Economic Linkages, Spillovers and the Financial Crisis, Paris, France
January 19, 2010 Exiting from High Public Debt: High-Level Conference Organized by the Fiscal Affairs Department and the Offices in Europe , Paris, France
December 3, 2009 Unwinding Public Interventions in the Financial Sector: Preconditions and Practical Considerations—IMF High-Level Conference, Washington D.C.
November 30, 2009-December 3, 2009 Restoring Financial Stability – The Legal Response Seminar, IMF Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
November 6, 2009 IMF Economic Forum: Macro-Financial Policies After the Crisis, Washington D.C.
November 5-6, 2009 Jacques Polak Research Conference -- Call for Papers: Financial Frictions and Macroeconomic Adjustment, Washington, DC
July 8-9, 2009 Users Conference on the Financial Crisis and Information Gaps, Washington, D.C.
June 9-11, 2009 IMF Tax Policy Seminar for Asian and Pacific Countries On Tax Incentives, Tokyo, Japan
June 2, 2009 Conference on Fiscal Policy IMF Fiscal Affairs and Research Departments, Washington, D.C.
April 25, 2009 IMF Seminar at 2009 Spring Meetings: Financial Stability Frameworks and the Role of Central Banks, Washington, D.C.
April 3, 2009 Macroeconomic and Policy Challenges Following Financial Meltdowns, Washington DC
March 24, 2009 After The Storm: The Future Face of Europe's Financial System, Brussels, Belgium
March 19, 2009 Japan’s Policy Response to its Financial Crisis: Parallels with the United States Today, Washington, D.C.
March 19, 2009 Japan’s Policy Response to its Financial Crisis: Parallels with the United States Today, Washington, D.C.
March 10-11, 2009 Africa's Changes and Challenges: High-Level Conference co-hosted by the IMF, addressing key policy questions for growth in Africa in the 21st century, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
November 13-14, 2008 Macro-Financial Linkages—IMF Ninth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference, Washington, DC
October 28-29, 2008 IMF High Level Conference on Fiscal Risks: Sources, Disclosure, and Management, Paris, France
September 26, 2008 A Financial Stability Framework for Europe: Managing Financial Soundness in an Integrating Market, Frankfurt, Germany
September 25-27, 2008 Taxing Natural Resources: New Challenges and New Perspectives, Washington, D.C.
September 24, 2008 The Food and Fuel Price Crisis: Seminar on Recent Developments, Macroeconomic Impact, and Policy Responses, Washington D.C.
September 23, 2008 Summary Note on the IMF/OECD/World Bank Workshop on Food and Fuel Prices, Washington, D.C.
September 18, 2008 Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) - The Global Economy and Financial Turmoil: Finding Our Footing, Washington, D.C.
July 1, 2008 Increase in Food and Fuel Prices—Seminar on Macroeconomic Impact, and Policy Responses, Washington, D.C.
May 20, 2008 Financial Turbulence and the Global Financial System, A Pre-G8 Finance Ministers' Meeting Symposium, Tokyo, Japan
April 29-30, 2008 The Tenth Annual OECD-World Bank-IMF Bond Market Forum, Washington, DC
April 24-25, 2008 Conference on International Macro-Finance, Washington, D.C.
April 18, 2008 Conference on Financial Cycles, Liquidity, and Securitization, Washington, D.C.
March 4-5, 2008 High-Level Seminar on African Finance for the 21st Century, Tunis, Tunisia
February 28-29, 2008 Conference on the Causes and Consequences of Structural Reforms, Washington, D.C.
January 22-24, 2008 IMF Seminar for the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee of the Tanzanian Parliament , Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
December 17, 2007 Financial Stability and Financial Sector Supervision: Lessons from the Past Decade and Way Forward, Tokyo, Japan
November 29, 2007 IMF Book Forum: One Economics, Many Recipes - Globalization, Institutions, and Economic Growth, Washington, DC
November 26, 2007 Economic and Financial Linkages in the Western Hemisphere, Washington DC
November 15-16, 2007 Jacques Polak Eighth Annual Research Conference, Washington, DC
September 27-28, 2007 Tenth Annual International Banking Conference: Globalization and Systemic Risk, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois, USA
September 24, 2007 Book Launch and Panel Discussion: 'Integrating Europe's Financial Markets', Delegation of the European Commission, 2300 M Street, NW Washington DC, 20037
September 24, 2007 Oxfam International -- Should the IMF exit low income countries? Or do the world's poorest nations depend on the IMF not only for macroeconomic stability and growth - essential for poverty reduction? Or is the answer somewhere in between?, HQ1 - Meeting Halls A & B
September 19-20, 2007 Conference on "Macroeconomic Policies and Social Equity", Lima, Peru
September 13, 2007 Policy Communication Seminar: The Risk of a U.S. Hard Landing and Implications for the Global Economy and Financial Markets -- Talk by Nouriel Roubini, New York University , Washington, DC
July 16-19, 2007 IMF Book Forum: Economic Growth and Integration in Central America -- Central America Tour, Guatemala, ElSalvador, Panama, and Costa Rica
June 28-29, 2007 Sixth Annual Regional Conference on Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, San José, Costa Rica
June 21, 2007 IMF Book Forum: Economic Growth and Integration in Central America, Washington, D.C.
June 5, 2007 IMF Policy Seminar on Financial Integration in the Nordic-Baltic Region, Washington, DC
May 11, 2007 IMF Book Forum -- In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India, Washington, D.C.
May 10, 2007 IMF Book Forum: Debt Defaults and Lessons from a Decade of Crises, Washington, DC
April 27, 2007 IMF Economic Forum -- New Perspectives on Financial Globalization, Washington, D.C.
April 26-27, 2007 New Perspectives on Financial Globalization, Washington D.C.
April 19-20, 2007 Policy Options and Challenges for Developing Asia-Perspectives from the IMF and Asia, Tokyo, Japan
April 6, 2007 IMF Conference on Global Implications of China's Trade, Investment and Growth, Washington, DC
April 4, 2007 High-Level Regional Seminar on Inflation Targeting, Rabat, Morocco
March 8, 2007 Economic Forum: Is India's High Growth Sustainable?, Washington, DC
March 7-8, 2007 International Seminar on Strengthening Public Investment and Managing Fiscal Risks from Public-Private Partnerships, Budapest. Hungary
March 6, 2007 IMF Book Forum: Global Governance Reform: Breaking the Stalemate , Washington, DC
February 15, 2007 Seminar on Ageing, Pension Risk Management and Financial Stability, Washington DC
January 25, 2007 Policy Communication Seminar Is the Flat Tax Experiment a Failure? Talk by Michael Keen, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF , Washington, DC
December 19-20, 2006 IMF - Arab Monetary Fund High Level Seminar: Institutions and Economic Growth in the Arab Countries , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
December 14, 2006 IMF Book Forum - China and India: Expanding Roles in the World Economy, Washington, D.C.
November 28, 2006 Talk by Professor Ashish Arora--From Underdogs to Tigers: The Software Industry in Emerging Economies, Washington, D.C.
November 20, 2006 Symposium on Long-Run Fiscal Sustainability in Germany, Berlin, Germany
November 17, 2006 Economic Growth and Latin America: What Have We Learned?, Washington, DC
November 15, 2006 IMF Book Forum -- Handbook on Fiscal Federalism, Washington, D.C.
November 10, 2006 IMF Center Economic Forum: How Does Capital Account Liberalization Affect Economic Growth?, Washington, D.C.
November 9-10, 2006 Capital Flows -- IMF Seventh Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference , Washington, D.C.
November 7-8, 2006 Macroprudential Supervision Conference: Challenges for Financial Supervisors, Seoul, Korea
October 23-27, 2006 Seminar on Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law - Law and Financial Stability, Washington, D.C.
July 20, 2006 Delivering on the promises of 2005 : A Dialogue on the UK's Development Strategy, Washington, DC
July 10-11, 2006 Crisis Prevention in Emerging Markets -- IMF-Singapore Government High level seminar, Singapore
July 4, 2006 IMF/Royal African Society Joint Economic Forum - London: Scaling Up Aid—Can aid be more effective?, London, United Kingdom
June 29-30, 2006 Fifth Annual Regional Conference on Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
June 26-27, 2006 Accelerating Development in the Mekong Region--The Role of Economic Integration, Siem Reap, Cambodia
June 22, 2006 IMF Book Forum: Divergent Paths in Post-Communist Transformation – Capitalism for All or Capitalism for the Few? CANCELED, Washington, D.C.
May 23, 2006 IMF Book Forum: Pragmatism: Latin America's New 'Ism'?, Washington, D.C.
May 18, 2006 IMF Book Forum: India's and China's Recent Experience with Reform and Growth, Washington, D.C.
May 2-3, 2006 Expert Forum on Advanced Techniques on Stress Testing: Applications for Supervisors, Washington, DC
April 13, 2006 Conference on Trade, Organized by the Trade and Investment Division of the Research Department, Washington, D.C.
March 29, 2006 IMF Book Forum: Is Globalization Here to Stay?, Washington, D.C.
March 8-10, 2006 Fifth Meeting on the Task Force on Harmonization of Public Sector Accounting, Paris, France
February 28, 2006-March 1, 2006 Realizing the Potential for Profitable Investment in Africa—High-Level Seminar organized by the IMF Institute/Joint Africa Institute, Tunis, Tunisia
February 8, 2006 IMF Center Book Forum: The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth, Washington, D.C.
January 22-24, 2006 Regional Seminar on Central Bank Communications, Mumbai, India
January 13, 2006 IMF Book Forum: Growth and Poverty Reduction in Armenia, Washington, D.C.
January 9, 2006 IMF Conference on Trade and Growth, Washington DC
November 4, 2005 IMF Center Economic Forum - Reforming the IMF: Governance and the Executive Board, Washington, D.C.
November 3-4, 2005 Reforms — IMF Sixth Annual Jacques Polak Research Conference , Washington, D.C.
October 19, 2005 IMF Book Forum -- Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power and Politics of World Trade, Washington, D.C.
October 3-6, 2005 Fourth Meeting on the Task Force on Harmonization of Public Sector Accounting , Washington, D.C.
September 8, 2005 IMF Center Economic Forum - IMF Conditionality: Good, Bad, or Ugly? , Washington, D.C.
September 6-7, 2005 Financial Stability — Central Banking and Supervisory Challenges , Washington, D.C.,
July 21, 2005 IMF Book Forum -- Central America: Global Integration and Regional Cooperation, Washington, D.C.
July 6-7, 2005 Pre-Conference -- When Institutions Are Weak: Strategies for Change, Washington, D.C.
June 29-30, 2005 Fourth Annual Regional Conference on Central America and the Dominican Republic, Co-sponsored by the Central American Monetary Council and the IMF, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
June 23, 2005 IMF Book Forum - Beating the Business Cycle: Can Turning Points in the Economy be Predicted?, Washington, D.C.
June 8, 2005 The IMF in a Changing World -- Joint IMF-Bundesbank Symposium, Frankfurt, Germany
May 5, 2005 IMF Book Forum -- Postconflict Economics in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Washington, DC
April 19-20, 2005 Seminar on Asset Securitization and Structured Finance: Benefits, Risks and Regulatory Implications, Washington, D.C.
April 8, 2005 IMF Book Forum -- The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century, Washington, DC
March 24, 2005 IMF Book Forum -- Should Europe embrace 'Cowboy Capitalism' or go its own way?, Washington, DC
March 14-15, 2005 Seminar on Foreign Aid and Macroeconomic Management , Maputo, Mozambique
March 7, 2005 Open Forum on Germany's Banking Sector, Frankfurt, Germany
February 25, 2005 Economic Forum -- Tracking Grenada's Recovery: Six Months After Hurricane Ivan , Washington DC
February 16, 2005 Whither Development Economics? , Washington, D.C.
February 15-16, 2005 Macroeconomic Policy Challenges in Low Income Countries Conference, Washington, DC
December 1, 2004 IMF Book Forum -- The Macroeconomics of HIV/AIDS, Washington, DC
November 16-17, 2004 Global Financial Integration, Stability and Business Cycles: Exploring the Links -- European Central Bank/IMF Workshop, Frankfurt, Germany
November 4-5, 2004 Fifth IMF Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: Policies, Institutions, and Instability, Washington, D.C.
October 19, 2004 IMF Economic Forum -- China in the Global Economy: Prospects and Challenges, Washington, D.C.
October 19, 2004 Recent Trade Research and Implications for Developing Countries, An IMF Conference , Washington, D.C.
October 6, 2004 IMF Book Forum -- Rules-Based Fiscal Policy in Emerging Markets, Washington, D.C.
September 22-24, 2004 Meeting on the Task Force on Harmonization of Public Sector Accounting , Washington, D. C.
September 22, 2004 IMF Economic Forum -- Why Globalization Works , Washington, D.C.
July 8-9, 2004 Third Regional Conference on Central America—Economic Growth and Issues in Bank Resolution, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
June 30, 2004 Economic Forum: Managing Financial Risks--The Insurance Industry , Washington, D.C.
June 14-15, 2004 Dollars, Debt, and Deficits—60 Years After Bretton Woods International Conference, Co-organized by the Banco de España and the IMF, Madrid, Spain
June 11-12, 2004 Developmental Challenges Facing the Caribbean -- International Seminar Organized by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and the International Monetary Fund, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
June 8, 2004 IMF Book Forum: Does the IMF Always Prescribe Fiscal Austerity? Are Targets Too Tight?, Washington, D.C.
June 4-5, 2004 IMF Conference in honor of Michael Mussa: MussaFest, Washington D.C.
May 27, 2004 IMF Book Forum: Standards and Codes: Can They Prevent Financial Crises?, Washington, D.C.
May 24, 2004-June 4, 2004 IMF Seminar on Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Washington, D.C.
May 11, 2004 IMF Book Forum: Can Central Banks be Outsourced? - Issues in Money & Sovereignty , Washington, D.C.
May 4, 2004 Economic Forum: Adopting the Euro in the New Member states: the next step in European integration, Washington, D.C.
April 15, 2004 Economic Forum: Health, Wealth, and Welfare, Washington, D.C.
April 15-16, 2004 IMF Conference in honor of Guillermo A. Calvo, Washington, DC
April 7-8, 2004 The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region: The Challenges of Growth and Globalization, Washington, D.C.
February 18, 2004 Economic Forum: In Defense of Globalization, Washington, D.C.
February 5, 2004 IMF Book Forum: Do Developing Countries Have a Say at the IMF? - Issues in IMF Governance, Washington, D.C.
December 16, 2003 IMF Economic Forum: Ensuring Financial Stability: The IMF's Role, Washington, D.C.
December 11, 2003 Economic Forum: Russia Rebounds, Washington, D.C.
November 14-16, 2003 A Tale of Two Giants: India's and China's Experience with Reform and Growth, New Delhi, India
November 13, 2003 Economic Forum: Who Will Pay the Bill?, Washington, D.C.
November 7, 2003 Economic Forum: Capital Flow Cycles: Old and New Challenges, Washington, D.C.
November 6-7, 2003 Fourth Annual IMF Research Conference:
Capital Flows and Macroeconomic Cycles
, Washington, DC
October 27-28, 2003 IMF/BIS Conference on Real Estate Indicators and Financial Stability, Washington, DC
October 23-24, 2003 Macroeconomic Challenges in Low Income Countries Workshop, Washington, DC
October 16-18, 2003 Second Regional Conference on Poverty Reduction Strategies , Phnom Penh, Cambodia
September 21, 2003 Per Jacobsson Foundation Lecture, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
September 11-12, 2003 Joint Bank-Fund Workshop on Debt Sustainability in Low-Income Countries, Washington D.C.,
September 9, 2003 Economic Forum: Fulfilling a Promise: Reform Prospects in the MENA Region, Washington, D.C.
September 9, 2003 IMF Book Forum: Capitalism and its Critics, Washington, D.C.
May 29, 2003 Economic Forum: Should We Be Worried About 'Deflation'?, Washington, D.C.
May 27, 2003 Economic Forum: Is Financial Globalization Harmful for Developing Countries?, Washington, D.C.
May 19-21, 2003 High-level Seminar: Assessing Banking Fragility, Washington, D.C.
April 29, 2003 Economic Forum: Does IMF Fiscal Policy Advice End Up Hurting the Poor?, Washington, D.C.
April 3-4, 2003 Technical Workshop on Macroeconomic Analytical Issues in Taking the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) Approach Forward, Washington, DC,
January 31, 2003 Economic Forum: The 'Links' That Bind, Washington, D.C.
January 30-31, 2003 Global Linkages Conference, Washington, DC
January 22, 2003 Economic Forum - A New Approach to Sovereign Debt Restructuring: An IMF Proposal, Washington, D.C.
January 22, 2003 Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (SDRM) Conference, Washington, DC
January 22, 2003 A New Approach to Sovereign Debt Restructuring: An IMF Proposal, Washington, D.C.
November 8, 2002 Economic Forum - Promoting Better National Institutions: The Role of the IMF, Washington, D.C.
November 7-8, 2002 Third Annual IMF Research Conference:
Capital Flows and Global Governance
, Washington, D.C.
October 8, 2002 Economic Forum: Is Global Inequality Rising?, Washington, D.C.
September 29, 2002 The Per Jacobsson Lecture, The Boom-Bust Capital Spending Cycle in the U.S.: Lessons Learned, Delivered by E. Gerald Corrigan, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Co., Washington, D.C. (pdf file) ,
September 17, 2002 Economic Forum: Governing the IMF, Washington, D.C.
September 16-17, 2002 Conference on Challenges to Central Banking from Globalized Financial Systems, Washington, D.C.
September 12, 2002 Economic Forum on "Capacity Building: Lessons for Africa?", Washington, D.C.
August 16-17, 2002 Conference on Foreign Direct Investment: Opportunities and Challenges for Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam
August 12-14, 2002 Globalization in Historical Perspective, A High-Level Seminar , Washington, DC
July 7, 2002 Per Jacobsson Lecture, Recent Emerging Market Crises - What have we learned? by Guillermo Ortiz – Governor, Banco de Mexico (pdf file), Basle, Switzerland
May 7-17, 2002 Seminar on Current Developments in Monetary and Financial Law, Washington, D.C.
May 2, 2002 Economic Forums and International Seminars - Foreign Direct Investment in China: What Do We Need To Know?, Washington, D.C.
April 29-30, 2002 Paris21 Seminar on Statistical Capacity Building Indicators, Washington, D.C.
April 25-26, 2002 Global Linkages Conference (Pre-Conference), Washington, D.C.
April 11, 2002 Economic Forum on: Globalization: North-South Linkages, Washington, D.C.
March 18-22, 2002 Financing for Development (FfD) and the IMF, Monterrey, Mexico
March 15, 2002 Economic Forums and International Seminars - New Ideas for Reducing Poverty, Washington, D.C.
March 14-15, 2002 Conference on Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction, Washington, D.C.
March 11-12, 2002 High-Level Seminar - Assessing Banking Fragility, Washington, D.C.
February 28, 2002-March 1, 2002 Seminar on The Statistical Implications of Inflation Targeting, Washington, D.C.
January 14-17, 2002 International Conference on Poverty Reduction Strategies, Washington, D.C.
January 10, 2002 Economic Forums and International Seminars - The Euro: Ready or Not, Washington, D.C.
December 19, 2001 Economic Forums and International Seminars - IMF Conditionality: How Much is 'Enough'?, Washington, D.C.
December 13, 2001 Economic Forums and International Seminars - Transparency at the International Monetary Fund: The Road Ahead, Washington, D.C.
November 29-30, 2001 Second Annual IMF Research Conference:
The topics include consequences of large devaluations and currency crises, stabilization policies in emerging markets, and the political economy of economic reforms and IMF programs, Washington, D.C.
November 5-6, 2001 High-Level Seminar - Investor Relations: A Tool for Crisis Prevention, Washington, D.C.
November 1, 2001 Economic Forums and International Seminars - Early Warning Systems: Fantasy or Reality, Washington, D.C.
November 1, 2001 Anticipating Crises: Model Behavior or Stampeding Herds?, Washington, D.C.
September 10-13, 2001 2nd Africa Forum on Poverty Reduction Strategies, Dakar, Senegal
July 10, 2001 Seminar on IMF Conditionality, Tokyo
April 12-13, 2001 Workshop and Panel on Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction, Washington, D.C.
April 5, 2001 Economic Forums and International Seminars - Governing Global Finance: The Role of Civil Society, Washington, D.C.
March 19-20, 2001 High-Level Seminar on Exchange Rate Regimes: Hard Peg or Free Floating?, Washington, D.C.
December 12, 2000 Economic Forums and International Seminars - The Information Economy: New Paradigm or Old Fashion?, Washington, D.C.
November 20-21, 2000 Conference on Fiscal Decentralization, Washington, D.C.
November 9-10, 2000 First Annual IMF Research Conference
The topics include monetary and exchange rate policy in crisis situations, private sector involvement in crisis resolution, exchange-rate regimes and currency unions, and effects of adjustment programs, Washington, D.C.
November 8, 2000 Economic Forums and International Seminars - One World, One Currency: Destination or Delusion?, Washington, D.C.
September 22-25, 2000 2000 Annual Meetings Program of Seminars Making the Global Economy Work for Everyone, Prague
July 11, 2000 The Future of Monetary Policy, A Conference Looking Ahead to the Next Twenty-Five Years, Washington, D.C.
June 5-7, 2000 Conference on Comprehensive Legal and Judicial Development, Towards an Agenda for a Just and Equitable Society in the 21st Century, Washington, D.C.
June 5-8, 2000 Seminar on Financial Risks, System Stability, and Economic Globalization, Washington, D.C.
June 5-9, 2000 Poverty Reduction Strategies Learning Event: Africa Poverty Forum, Washington, D.C.
April 24-26, 2000 World Bank-IMF Forum on Supporting Comprehensive and Country-led Poverty Reduction Strategies, Washington, D.C.
April 5-7, 2000 Conference and Seminar on Investment Climate and Russia's Economic Strategy, Moscow
March 20-21, 2000 High-Level Seminar: Implementing Inflation Targets, Washington, D.C.
March 20-21, 2000 Seminar on Agenda for Sequencing Decentralization in Indonesia, Jakarta
February 23-24, 2000 Conference on Capital Flows and Debt Statistics: Can We Get Better Data Faster?, Washington, D.C.
February 3-4, 2000 Conference on International Financial Contagion: How It Spreads and How It Can Be Stopped, Washington, D.C.
January 25, 2000 IMF Media Seminar, Singapore
November 8-9, 1999 Conference on Second Generation Reforms, Washington, D.C.
September 29, 1999 Seminar: A Role for Labor Standards in the New International Economy?, Washington, D.C.
September 25-28, 1999 1999 Annual Meetings Program of Seminars - Setting the Agenda for Global Growth and Development on the Eve of the Millennium, Washington, D.C.
September 24, 1999 IMF Economic Forum: ESAF in the New Millenium, Washington, D.C.
September 17, 1999 IMF Economic Forum: The US Economy: Where Will It Go From Here?, Washington, D.C.
June 24, 1999 IMF Economic Forum: Dollarization: Fad or Future for Latin America, Washington, D.C.
May 28, 1999 IMF/Research Conference on Key Issues in Reform of the International Monetary and Financial System, Washington, D.C.
May 18, 1999 International Finance Seminar, Tokyo
February 3, 1999 Seminar on Revenue Implications of Trade Liberalization, Washington, D.C.
February 1-3, 1999 IMF Conference on A Decade of Transition: Achievements and Challenges, Washington, D.C.
November 30, 1998 Seminar on Economic Policies in Russia, Washington, D.C.
October 3-6, 1998 1998 Annual Meetings Program of Seminars - The Knowledge of Economy, Washington, D.C.
June 8-9, 1998 IMF Conference on Economic Policy and Equity, Washington, D.C.
May 27-28, 1998 International Conference: Challenges to Economies in Transition, Stabilization, Growth and Governance, Bishkek
May 4, 1998 Inaugural Seminar of the IMF-Singapore Regional Training Institute, Singapore
March 10, 1998 Seminar on Capital Account Liberalization, Washington, D.C.
September 20-23, 1997 1997 Annual Meetings Program of Seminars - Asia and the World: Capital, Competitiveness, and Community, Hong Kong
September 19, 1997 Seminar: Asia and the IMF, Washington, D.C.
March 18, 1997 IMF Conference on EMU and the International Monetary System, Washington, D.C.
March 18, 1996 Seminar on The Future of the SDR, Washington, D.C.

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