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Fiscal councils are independent public institutions aimed at strengthening commitments to sustainable public finances through various functions, including public assessments of fiscal plans and performance, and the evaluation or provision of macroeconomic and budgetary forecasts.

The IMF Fiscal Council Dataset describes key features of 39 institutions identified as fiscal councils (as of end-December 2016) across the IMF membership. The dataset includes general information such as the official name and acronym of the council and the date of creation or major reforms, the main features of the council's remit, their specific tasks and instruments to influence the conduct of fiscal policy as well as key institutional characteristics such as the existence of formal guarantees of independence, accountability requirements, and human resources.

The note "The Fiscal Council Dataset: A Primer to the 2016 Vintage" by Xavier Debrun, Xiaoxiao Zhang, and Victor Lledó (2017) provides the list and definition of variables included in the Fiscal Council Dataset. It also describes the primary sources used to assemble the data, the validation process, and the revisions relative to the 2014 vintage.


Use of the data and products from this webpage requires the following two citations: X. Debrun, T. Kinda, T. Curristine, L. Eyraud, J. Harris, J. Seiwald, 2013, "The Functions and Impact of Fiscal Councils," IMF Policy Paper; July 16, 2013, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC and X. Debrun, V. Lledó, X. Zhang, R. Beetsma, X. Fang, Y. Kim, S. Mbaye, and S. Yoon, "The Rise of Independent Fiscal Institutions: Recent Trends and Perspectives", IMF Working Paper forthcoming, International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC. This is an ongoing project and we welcome comments on the data, including suggestions to enhance coverage to and

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