Djibouti: Reserve Tranche Position
from January 01, 2021 to June 30, 2021

In exchange for the reserve asset portion of its quota payment, an IMF member acquires a liquid claim on the IMF—much like a demand deposit in a commercial bank. This claim is called the member’s Reserve Tranche Position, and it is equal to the member’s quota minus the IMF’s holdings of the member’s currency (excluding currency holdings that stem from the member’s own use of credit). The reserve tranche position is part of the member country’s external reserves.

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(in SDRs)
Date SDR Amount
 June 30, 2021         5,153,616
 May 31, 2021         5,153,616
 April 30, 2021         5,153,616
 March 31, 2021         5,153,616
 February 28, 2021         5,153,616
 January 31, 2021         5,153,616

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