International Monetary Fund
Kosovo: IMF's Holdings of Currency
as of December 31, 2017

The currency holdings of the IMF are the resources held at the disposal of the IMF in the IMF No. 1 Account, No. 2 Account, and Securities Account in depositories designated by its member countries. These currency holdings are obtained as a result of member's quota payments and transactions between the IMF and members.

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Date Securities Nbr 1 Account Nbr 2 Account CVA Account CVA Nbr 2 Account Total Holdings
December 31, 2017198,901,607207,7305,030-1,174,337-30197,940,000
December 31, 2016151,685,250206,5005,00000151,896,750
December 31, 2015145,016,856147,3724,99635,5224145,204,750
December 31, 2014127,806,813145,0814,9182,134,10682130,091,000
December 31, 2013140,795,039149,0645,052-1,478,103-52139,471,000
December 31, 2012141,663,501147,5005,000-10141,816,000
December 31, 201158,329,023143,7444,5965,122,23340463,600,000
December 31, 201062,784,742144,3504,893665,90810763,600,000
December 31, 200945,118,48900-278,489044,840,000

The information provided is for your convenience and is not intended to replace other official IMF reports and statements.
Kosovo: Financial Position in the Fund