International Monetary Fund
South Sudan: IMF's Holdings of Currency
as of May 31, 2022

The currency holdings of the IMF are the resources held at the disposal of the IMF in the IMF No. 1 Account, No. 2 Account, and Securities Account in depositories designated by its member countries. These currency holdings are obtained as a result of member's quota payments and transactions between the IMF and members.

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(in SDRs)

Date Securities Nbr 1 Account Nbr 2 Account CVA Account CVA Nbr 2 Account Total Holdings
May 31, 20221,814,1582,3848244,183,458992246,001,000
December 31, 20213,346,3734,39814242,649,229986246,001,000
December 31, 20204,739,9356,23020241,253,835980246,001,000
December 31, 20194,821,4976,33721241,172,166979246,001,000
December 31, 20185,367,5797,05523240,625,366977246,001,000
December 31, 20176,656,8978,75028239,334,353972246,001,000
December 31, 201623,905,15831,420102222,063,422898246,001,000
December 31, 2015130,461,573333,1411,083-7,794,714-83123,001,000
December 31, 201491,608,137302,3409831,568,5231793,480,000
December 31, 201394,078,611310,4941,010-910,105-1093,480,000
December 31, 201293,171,500307,5001,0000093,480,000

The information provided is for your convenience and is not intended to replace other official IMF reports and statements.
South Sudan: Financial Position in the Fund