Grenada: History of Lending Commitments
as of September 30, 2009

The IMF lends under concessional and non-concessional arrangements or can provide outright loans. A lending arrangement, which is similar to a line of credit, is approved by the IMF Executive Board to support a country's adjustment program. The arrangement requires the member to observe specific terms and subject to periodic reviews in order to continue to draw upon it. An outright loan is also approved by the IMF Executive Board, however, it does not require a member to observe specific terms.

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(In Thousands of SDRs)

Facility Date of
Date  4/
Extended Credit Facility    Apr 17, 2006    Apr 16, 2010 16,380 10,825 10,825
Extended Fund Facility    Aug 24, 1983    Jan 23, 1984 13,500 1,125 0
Standby Arrangement    May 11, 1981    May 10, 1982 3,425 2,900 0
Standby Arrangement    Nov 06, 1979    Dec 31, 1980 651 651 0
Standby Arrangement    Jun 30, 1976    Dec 31, 1976 225 225 0
Standby Arrangement    Sep 29, 1975    Jun 30, 1976 500 500 0
Total 34,681 16,226 10,825

4/ The expiration date for outright disbursements (RFI and RCF) reflects the date the disbursement was    drawn. The expiration dates for PRGT and GRA arrangements reflects either the approved expiration    date of the arrangement or the date the last disbursement takes place under the fully drawn    arrangements.
5/ The RFI/RCF does not show commitments.

The information provided is for your convenience and is not intended to replace other official IMF reports and statements.

Grenada Financial Position in the Fund