Gambia, The: Transactions with the Fund, Disbursements and Repayments Detail
from January 01, 1988 To December 31, 1988

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(in SDRs)
Date General Resources Account Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust/
Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
Structural Adjustment Facility/Trust Fund
Purchases Loans Purchases and Loans
Disbursements Repurchases Disbursements Repayments Description
January 25, 198800046,200PRGT Repayment (TF)
January 26, 1988000169,032PRGT Repayment (TF)
January 29, 19880164,37500GRA Repurchase (SBA)
January 30, 198800093,100PRGT Repayment (TF)
March 06, 19880338,81600GRA Repurchase (EA)
April 29, 19880164,37500GRA Repurchase (SBA)
April 29, 198800086,100PRGT Repayment (TF)
May 06, 19880337,55700GRA Repurchase (EA)
May 13, 1988000212,100PRGT Repayment (TF)
May 29, 19880598,63600GRA Repurchase (SBA-SFF)
July 26, 1988000169,032PRGT Repayment (TF)
July 29, 19880164,37500GRA Repurchase (SBA)
July 30, 198800093,100PRGT Repayment (TF)
September 06, 19880338,81600GRA Repurchase (EA)
October 29, 19880164,37500GRA Repurchase (SBA)
October 29, 198800086,100PRGT Repayment (TF)
November 06, 19880337,55700GRA Repurchase (EA)
November 13, 1988000212,100PRGT Repayment (TF)
November 29, 19880598,63600GRA Repurchase (SBA-SFF)
December 15, 1988002,265,7500PRGT Disbursement (ECF)
December 15, 1988001,154,2500PRGT Disbursement (PRGF)
Total 0 3,207,518 3,420,000 1,166,864

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Gambia, The: Financial Position in the Fund