International Monetary Fund

Mexico: Transactions with the Fund, Disbursements and Repayments Detail
from January 01, 1991 To December 31, 1991

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(in SDRs)
Date General Resources Account Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust /
Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility /
Structural Adjustment Facility/Trust Fund
Resilience and Sustainability Trust Purchases and Loans
Purchases Loans Loans
Disbursements Repurchases Disbursements Repayments Disbursements Repayments
January 02, 199104,179,5830000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
January 04, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (EA)
January 14, 1991036,421,8750000GRA Repurchase
February 14, 1991012,539,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
February 25, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
February 28, 1991012,539,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
February 28, 199103,059,5050000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
March 06, 1991018,808,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
March 06, 1991021,940,4950000GRA Repurchase (EA)
March 14, 1991012,539,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
March 14, 1991018,808,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
March 14, 1991016,666,6670000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
March 29, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
April 30, 1991233,100,00000000GRA Purchase (EFF-EA)
May 14, 1991012,538,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
May 25, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
May 28, 199102,050,0000000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
May 29, 1991010,489,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
May 30, 1991025,078,3340000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
May 30, 1991018,808,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
May 30, 199103,059,5050000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
June 06, 1991018,808,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
June 06, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (EA)
June 13, 199101,671,6670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
June 14, 1991016,666,6670000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
June 22, 1991034,467,5000000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
June 22, 1991033,333,3330000GRA Repurchase (EA)
June 28, 1991233,100,00000000GRA Purchase (EFF-EA)
June 29, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
July 02, 199104,179,5830000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
July 06, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (EA)
August 14, 1991012,539,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
August 25, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
August 30, 1991012,539,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
August 30, 1991018,808,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
August 30, 199103,059,5050000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
September 06, 1991021,940,4950000GRA Repurchase (EA)
September 14, 1991012,539,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
September 14, 1991016,666,6670000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
September 23, 1991043,750,0000000GRA Repurchase (EA)
September 29, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
September 30, 1991233,100,00000000GRA Purchase (EFF-EA)
November 14, 1991012,538,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
November 25, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
November 28, 199102,050,0000000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
November 29, 1991010,489,1670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
November 29, 1991018,808,7500000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
November 30, 1991025,078,3340000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
November 30, 199103,059,5050000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
December 06, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (EA)
December 13, 199101,671,6670000GRA Repurchase (EFF)
December 14, 1991016,666,6670000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
December 23, 1991034,467,5000000GRA Repurchase (EFF-EA)
December 23, 1991033,333,3330000GRA Repurchase (EA)
December 24, 1991233,100,00000000GRA Purchase (EFF)
December 29, 1991014,062,5000000GRA Repurchase (SBA)
Total 932,400,000 807,411,723 0 0 0 0

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Mexico: Financial Position in the Fund