India: Transactions with the Fund, Interest and Charges Detail
from January 01, 1987 To December 31, 1987

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Date Description Due Settled
January 10, 1987EA Charges21,048,5910
January 10, 1987SFF Charges38,564,7820
January 16, 1987EA Charges021,048,591
January 16, 1987SFF Charges038,564,782
February 10, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges3,345,6160
February 10, 1987GRA Charges28,676,7130
February 13, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges03,345,616
February 13, 1987GRA Charges028,676,713
May 10, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges2,217,3350
May 10, 1987GRA Charges27,226,0250
May 11, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges02,217,335
May 11, 1987GRA Charges027,226,025
June 30, 1987Trust Fund Interest0951,748
June 30, 1987Trust Fund Interest951,7480
July 10, 1987EA Charges17,990,2960
July 10, 1987SFF Charges36,279,4420
July 20, 1987EA Charges017,990,296
July 20, 1987SFF Charges036,279,442
August 10, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges2,020,0830
August 10, 1987GRA Charges26,628,3520
August 17, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges02,020,083
August 17, 1987GRA Charges026,628,352
November 10, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges1,959,5090
November 10, 1987GRA Charges25,829,8610
November 11, 1987GRA Burden Sharing Charges01,959,509
November 11, 1987GRA Charges025,829,861
December 31, 1987Trust Fund Interest0835,284
December 31, 1987Trust Fund Interest835,2840
Totals 233,573,637 233,573,637

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India: Financial Position in the Fund