Malawi: Transactions with the Fund, Interest and Charges Detail
from January 01, 1985 To December 31, 1985

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Date Description Due Settled
January 10, 1985EA Charges1,049,7630
January 10, 1985SFF Charges1,568,4060
January 15, 1985EA Charges01,049,763
January 15, 1985SFF Charges01,568,406
February 06, 1985GRA Charges01,207,149
February 10, 1985GRA Charges1,207,1490
May 06, 1985GRA Charges01,126,910
May 10, 1985GRA Charges1,126,9100
June 28, 1985Trust Fund Interest030,535
June 30, 1985Trust Fund Interest30,5350
July 10, 1985EA Charges1,271,1570
July 10, 1985SFF Charges1,196,6340
July 12, 1985SFF Charges01,196,634
July 18, 1985EA Charges01,271,157
August 06, 1985GRA Charges01,122,649
August 10, 1985GRA Charges1,122,6490
November 06, 1985GRA Charges01,087,565
November 10, 1985GRA Charges1,087,5650
December 31, 1985Trust Fund Interest027,912
December 31, 1985Trust Fund Interest27,9120
Totals 9,688,680 9,688,680

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Malawi: Financial Position in the Fund