International Monetary Fund

Philippines: Transactions with the Fund, Interest and Charges Detail
from January 01, 1999 To December 31, 1999

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Date Description Due Settled
February 10, 1999GRA Burden Sharing Charges106,801106,801
February 10, 1999GRA Charges10,467,59910,467,599
February 10, 1999GRA SCA 1 Charges213,563213,563
May 10, 1999GRA Burden Sharing Charges86,25186,251
May 10, 1999GRA Charges10,488,30310,488,303
May 10, 1999GRA SCA 1 Charges287,506287,506
August 10, 1999GRA Burden Sharing Charges91,25991,259
August 10, 1999GRA Charges11,528,01411,528,014
August 10, 1999GRA SCA 1 Charges334,611334,611
November 08, 1999GRA Burden Sharing Charges101,685101,685
November 08, 1999GRA Charges13,297,30513,297,305
November 08, 1999GRA SCA 1 Charges406,679406,679
Totals 47,409,576 47,409,576

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Philippines: Financial Position in the Fund