International Monetary Fund

Brazil: Transactions with the Fund, Interest and Charges Detail
from January 01, 2005 To December 31, 2005

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Date Description Due Settled
February 04, 2005GRA Basic Charges124,103,647124,103,647
February 04, 2005GRA Burden Sharing Charges827,198827,198
February 04, 2005GRA Level Based Surcharge17,510,40217,510,402
February 04, 2005GRA SCA 1 Charges3,308,7443,308,744
February 04, 2005GRA Time Based Surcharge60,318,41160,318,411
May 05, 2005GRA Basic Charges125,791,347125,791,347
May 05, 2005GRA Burden Sharing Charges767,657767,657
May 05, 2005GRA Level Based Surcharge15,599,89815,599,898
May 05, 2005GRA SCA 1 Charges3,838,1493,838,149
May 05, 2005GRA Time Based Surcharge57,595,84157,595,841
August 04, 2005GRA Basic Charges130,582,963130,582,963
August 04, 2005GRA Burden Sharing Charges1,090,7511,090,751
August 04, 2005GRA Level Based Surcharge16,125,73716,125,737
August 04, 2005GRA SCA 1 Charges3,635,9123,635,912
August 04, 2005GRA Time Based Surcharge45,823,56645,823,566
November 04, 2005GRA Basic Charges103,291,649103,291,649
November 04, 2005GRA Burden Sharing Charges815,817815,817
November 04, 2005GRA Level Based Surcharge16,125,73716,125,737
November 04, 2005GRA SCA 1 Charges2,991,3942,991,394
Totals 730,144,820 730,144,820

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