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Independent Evaluation Office - Independence

October 19, 2001
The IEO provides objective and independent evaluation on issues related to the IMF. The Office operates independently of IMF management and at arm's length from the IMF's Executive Board.

Our guarantees of independence

    The IEO, fully independent from the IMF's management and staff, operates at arms' length from the Executive Board. This independence is strengthened by the following safeguards:

  • The Director of the IEO is appointed by the Executive Board for a period of four years, renewable for a further three years. He may not be appointed to the IMF Staff at the end of his term.

  • The Director of the IEO is solely responsible for the selection of IEO personnel (including external consultants) on terms and conditions set by the Executive Board with a view to ensuring that IEO is staffed with independent and highly qualified personnel. When the office is fully staffed, a majority of its personnel will come from outside the IMF. In addition, IEO staff report exclusively to the Director of IEO, not to IMF management.

  • The budget of the IEO is subject to the approval of the Executive Board, but its preparation is independent of the budgetary process over which IMF management has authority.

  • The IEO's work program is established by the Director in light of consultations with interested stakeholders, from both inside and outside the IMF. The work program is presented to the Executive Board for review but is not subject to the Board's approval.

  • The IEO has sole responsibility for drafting evaluation reports, annual reports, press releases, and other public statements