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About the IMF Institute for Capacity Development

The IMF Institute for Capacity Development was established in 1964 to provide training in economic management to officials of the IMF's member countries. Training is delivered at IMF Headquarters in Washington, D.C., through seven IMF regional training centers, in collaboration with other regional training institutions and national governments, and through a distance learning program.

Courses in Washington are offered in four languages - Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. At the regional training centers in Austria, Brazil, China, India, Kuwait, Singapore and through the Joint Partnership for Africa, courses are offered in English and the primary language of the region. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on training courses.

IMF Institute for Capacity Development Training Programs in Kuwait, Kuwait (CEF). In collaboration with the Government of Kuwait, the IMF Institute for Capacity Development organizes courses for officials from Arab League member countries at the IMF-Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (CEF). The IMF-Middle East Center for Economics and Finance began operations in 2011. Courses are offered generally in Arabic or in English with interpretation into Arabic.

Selection Process: Admission to courses held in Washington (HQ), Vienna (JVI), and Singapore (STI)—as well as to distance learning (DL) courses—may be either by application or by invitation. For courses held at all Regional Training Centers and other Training Venues — (BTC); (CTP); (ITP); (CEF); (JPA); (OT)—admission is by invitation only. The invitation process may vary from one center to another, but candidates from targeted countries are generally nominated by government agencies upon the request of the IMF department responsible for delivering the course. Candidates who meet the qualifications for the course and are selected will be contacted by the IMF Institute for Capacity Development or regional training centers to provide information on travel, accommodations, and other administrative arrangements for the course. Applications are not accepted for courses marked as “Invitation.”

In addition to courses and seminars, the IMF Institute for Capacity Development offers lecturing assistance to other training institutions, and administers a Scholarship Program for Ph.D students in macroeconomics at universities located outside Japan, which is funded by the Government of Japan for Japanese nationals.

IMF staff are kept informed on current issues and developments through the IMF Institute for Capacity Development's Internal Economics Training Program.


Official Visitors Program

The IMF Institute for Capacity Development arranges briefings for official visitors coming to the Fund as individuals or as groups. Delegations come from government and non-government agencies from different countries, for example: the People's Republic of China, the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA), and the U.S. Foreign Service Institute. Briefings are given on a range of topics, including staff training policies and programs, the use of technology in staff training, and different aspects of the Fund's work, including poverty reduction, architecture and transparency issues, and technical assistance.