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IMF Primary Commodity Prices

NOTE: Publication of these data has been suspended while we are revamping the page. We are regrettably unable to provide a timeline for resuming publication at this time. Please, continue to check the page for future updates.

Prices & Forecasts

Primary Commodity Price

The Primary Commodity Price data are updated monthly.

Last update: May 15, 2018

Note: Change to natural gas price units

Monthly Data

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Price Forecasts

Download data projections actual prices through 07/13/17

Download data projections actual prices through 05/29/17

Download data projections actual prices through 02/27/17


Frequently Asked Questions on commodity prices and indices

Commodity Market Monthly

rimary Commodity Price

NOTE: The Price Outlook & Risks report is now included in the Commodity Market Monthly report

IMF Commodity Price Indices

Commodity Price Tracker

IMF Primary Commodity Price System

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