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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What sort of computer and software is required to solve MULTIMOD?

A.  MULTIMOD can be solved efficiently on several different computer platforms provided that users have access to modern state-of-the-art algorithms. The documentation of the algorithms employed at the Fund can be found in the bibliography of MULTIMOD related research.

Q.  Does the Fund provide support?

A.  We provide some support but this is very limited because of resource constraints.

Q.  Is it difficult to build new versions of MULTIMOD to address specific issues that were not the main focus behind the core Mark III version?

A.  The development of more robust and efficient computer algorithms has made it considerably easier, but it still requires a considerable commitment of resources to build new versions.

Q.  How does MULTIMOD differ from other econometric models?

A.  MULTIMOD has been designed to focus on particular issues. It contains less detail than many national econometric models. For documentation of the latest version of Mark III see MULTIMOD Mark III, The Core Dynamic and Steady-State Models, IMF Occasional Paper No. 164, 1998.