Conference on Trade

Organized by the Trade and Investment Division of the Research Department

Thursday, April 13, 2006
IMF, Headquarters 1, Blue Level, Room B–702
Washington DC

The conference consists of six papers on international flows of goods, capital and labor. It aims to advance our understanding of the pattern of such flows and their economic consequences.

Attendance is by invitation only.


Thursday, April 13, 2006
9:15–9:30 Introductory Remarks
  Raghuram Rajan
9:30–10:15 Openness, Volatility and the Risk Content of Exports
  Andrei Levchenko (IMF)
  Discussant: Kala Krishna (Penn State University)
10:15–10:30 Coffee Break
10:30–11:15 Fairness and the Political Economy of Trade
  Doug Nelson (Tulane University and IMF Visiting Scholar)
  Discussant: Arvind Subramanian (IMF)
11:15–12:00 A Solution to Two Paradoxes of International Capital Flows
  Jiandong Ju (University of Oklahoma and IMF Visiting Scholar)
  Discussant: Arvind Panagariya (Columbia University)
12:15–1:15 Luncheon
1:30–2:15 Is Bitter Medicine Good for You? The Economic Consequences of WTO/GATT Accessions
  Man–Keung Tang (IMF)
  Discussant: Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University)
2:15–2:30 Coffee Break
2:30–3:15 Brain Waste? Educated Immigrants in the US Labor Market
  Caglar Ozden (World Bank)
  Discussant: Azim Sadikov (IMF)
3:15–4:00 Trade Liberalization, Macroeconomic Adjustment and Welfare: Unifying Trade and Macro Models
  Ehsan Choudhri (Carleton University)
  Discussant: Ayhan Kose (IMF)