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P.O. Box 2102                                         Telephone:  [249](11)78-0777
Khartoum                                                          [249](11)78-4909/12/14/22
Sudan                                                 Facsimile:  [249](11)77-2600           


P.O. Box 51250                                        Telephone:  [971](4)227-1616
Dubai                                                 Facsimile:  [971](4)227-1588
United Arab Emirates                                  E-mail:

                  President                 ...   H.E. Abdul Kareem Mohammad ALAMRI
                  Advisor to the President  ...   Nawfal Hameed RASHEED
                  Director of Finance       ...   Mohamed El Hassan M. SAEED
                  Legal Advisor             ...   El Tayeb Abdul MAGEED
                  Project Department        ...   Sidiq Umbadda RABIH
                  Regional Office Director  ...   Al Arabi Mohamed AL HAMIDI

LANGUAGES: Arabic, English


The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID) is a regional financial and investment institution established in 1977.

The main objectives of AAAID are to produce the maximum possible amounts of food products and develop the agricultural resources of the member states through implementation of feasible and viable agricultural projects.

The activities of AAAID include investment in plant production, animal production, agricultural processing, agrucultural services and marketing, as well as applied agricultural research.

The AAAID is a major shareholder of 21 productive agricultural companies and 6 under establishment, 4 approved by AAAAID, and 31 potential projects are currently being assessed for their feasibility. The overall performance and success of these companies is being closely monitored by AAAID through a new successful follow-up system.


18 Shareholder states: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sudan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, State of Palestine, Yemen.

Capital: The total Authorized Capital of AAAID is 150 million Kuwaiti dinars (approximately 495.0 million US Dollars).


AAAID is represented by its Board of Shareholders, which is composed of the respective "Ministers of Finance" of the member states. The Board of Shareholders meets annually to review the previous year activities, and decide on future policies and strategies.

The Board of Directors is composed of nine members, of whom five are appointed by each of the five member countries having the largest number of shares. The remaining four are elected by the representatives of all other member countries.

Executive Directors hold office for a term of three years and may be re-elected.

The President is elected by the Board of Shareholders for a term of five years, which is renewable. As Chief Executive of the Authority and Chairman of the Board of Directors, the President conducts the current business of the Authority under the direction of the Board of Directors.


Annual Report (Arabic, English); Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development in Brief; AAAID Affiliated Companies Pamphlet; AAAID Investment Guideline; Extension and Investment Bulletins; Journal of Agricultural Investment.

UPDATED:  April 30, 2003

Directory of Economic, Commodity and Development Organizations - table of contents