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The Arab Organization Building                            Postal Add:   P.O. Box 23568
Al Matar Road                                                           Al-Safat 13096
Jamal Abdelnasser St.                                     Telephone:    [965]484-4500
Al-Shuwaikh                                               Facsimile:    [965]481-5741
Kuwait                                                    Telex:        22562 KAFEEL KT
                                                          Cable:        KAFEEL KT

          Director-General:            ...     Fahad Rashid AL-IBRAHIM

                               Board of Directors

          Chairman:                    ...     Badr Suleiman ALGAR ALLA
          Members:                     ...     Ahmad HASSAN MUSTAFA
                                       ...     Jasim Rashid AL SHAMSI
                                       ...     Nassir Ben Mohamad AL GAHTANI
                                       ...     Mansour Ibrahim AL MAHMOUD
                                       ...     Ali Ramadhan SHINAIBISH
                                       ...     Ahmad AL SA'EED SHARAF ALDIN
                                       ...     Abdel Fatah BENMANSOUR

                               Department Directors

          Legal Department:            ...     El Fadil Nayil HASSAN
          Guarantee Operations Dept.:  ...     Khogali ABUBAKR
          Planning & Corporate
            Development Department:    ...     (vacant)

LANGUAGES: Arabic is the working language; English and French employed when necessary


The Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation (IAIGC) is an autonomous regional organization with authorized capital of KD26,101,667 (approximately US$87.03 million) and paid-up capital, at the end of 2002, of KD24,751,667 (approximately US$82.53 million). The Convention establishing IAIGC was declared to have come into force as of April 1974.

The Corporation provides insurance coverage for inter-Arab investments and for export credits against non-commercial risks in the case of investments, and non-commercial and commercial risks in the case of export credits. The non-commercial risks include nationalization, currency inconvertibility, war, civil disturbances, cancellation of the import license and prevention of the entry of goods or their transit passage into the country. The commercial risks include insolvency of the debtor, bankruptcy, as well as default and abrogation or termination of the export contract.

The Corporation also undertakes the promotion of the flow of investments within the Arab countries by carrying out activities which are ancillary to its main purpose and in particular those relating to the identification of investment opportunities as well as the study of the conditions that govern the flow of investments in the said countries.


21 member countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Yemen


The Subscribers' Council is the highest authority in the Corporation. It is entrusted with all the powers necessary for the realization of the objectives of the Corporation. Among its functions are the formulation of general policies, the adoption of the financial and administrative rules and regulations, deciding upon the financial and administrative matters, appointment of members of the Board of Directors and the Director General. The Council is composed of one representative for each member state.

The Board of Directors consists of eight part time members elected by the Subscribers' Council for a three-years term. The Board shall elect its Chairman from among its members. It shall, in administering the Corporation, exercise the powers delegated to it by the Council. These comprise preparation of the financial and administrative rules, approval of the operations and research programs presented by the Director General of the Corporation and overseeing their execution, determination of how the Corporation's resources are to be invested, adoption of its annual financial program, and presentation to the Council of an annual report on the activity of the Corporation.


Annual Report; Investment Climate in the Arab Countries (annual); Investment Guarantee (monthly bulletin); Capsule Series. All publications are in Arabic except the Annual Report, which is issued in both Arabic and English.

UPDATED:  May 19, 2003

Directory of Economic, Commodity and Development Organizations - table of contents