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Macroprudential Policy - Implementation and Interaction with other Policies

Stockholm, Sweden

November 13-14, 2014

Sveriges Riksbank and the International Monetary Fund are jointly hosting the conference "Macroprudential Policy - Implementation and Interaction with other Policies" in Stockholm on 13-14 November.

The conference will bring together representatives of national authorities and international organizations to share their knowledge and experience in the evolving field of macroprudential policy.

The financial crisis showed that ensuring the health of individual components of the financial system is not sufficient to guarantee overall financial stability. Macroprudential policy recognizes the importance of systemic risk and the need to develop regulations that address systemic risk and help to build resilience in the entire financial system.

The conference is divided into four working sessions, where different aspects of macroprudential policy are discussed: i) Framework for monitoring systemic risk, ii) The interplay between macroprudential and other policies, iii) When to take action and overcoming inaction bias, iv) Effectiveness of macroprudential policies.

Riksbank Conference Website

Agenda (PDF)