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Message from the Director

Mr. Sumi The year 2018 celebrates the 25th anniversary of the JISPA. Since its inception in 1993, the program has targeted promising young officials from key economic policymaking agencies as part of the International Monetary Fund’s capacity building efforts. With the long-lasting support of the Government of Japan, IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP) in Tokyo has hosted around 750 officials from over 20 emerging and developing economies in Asia and the Pacific region, including some countries in Central Asia, for graduate-level scholarships to study in Japan.

Many JISPA alumni have reached key positions in macroeconomic agencies in the region, including central banks and ministries of finance. Against this background, the JISPA has developed a solid reputation and established itself as a prestigious program among Asian officials. Their achievements and contribution to their countries continue to inspire young officials to apply for the JISPA.

OAP teams up with partnership universities and continue to strive at enhancing the program. The JISPA offers curricula which strike the right balance between theory and practice, to meet the ever-changing needs of the macroeconomic management in an increasingly interconnected world. The curriculum offered by each partnership university provides a greater focus on financial sector issues, in addition to core macroeconomics subjects. Each university has identified a set of skills to help potential applicants easily identify the program best suited for their career and needs of their sponsoring agencies. JISPA scholars can expect strong support from the faculty and staff for their academic needs and acclimating to their life in Japan. Furthermore, the Orientation Program (OP), which consists of courses in English, mathematics/econometrics, and Japanese, is offered to ensure that new entrants are well prepared to commence their master’s programs and to adjust life in Japan. The OP now consists an integral part of the JISPA.

JISPA scholars are also invited to various activities, including seminars on topical policy issues presented by IMF staff and policy makers, an annual thesis presentation, roundtable discussions with officials from the Bank of Japan and the Ministry of Finance in Japan, in addition to welcome and farewell receptions. As a new initiative, a workshop for scholars who will continue onto their second-year studies will be introduced with the aim of providing practical training to complement the scholars’ course work at their universities.

With the newly established continued education program for the JISPA alumni starting from 2018, JISPA alumni are well connected even after they graduate. This offers courses on more recent and practical subjects facing policy makers to help alumni advance their career.

Please review carefully the material in this brochure and contact us directly if you have questions about the scholarship program.

Chikahisa Sumi
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
International Monetary Fund