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IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP)

Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA)


"The JISPA provides distinct opportunity of studying at some prominent graduate schools in Japan. In addition to academic study, the cross-cultural interactions, IMF-sponsored events and networking with the future macroeconomic leaders of Asia have helped me to improve my individual capacity and thus paved the way of enhancing my organization's capacity. So, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Japanese government, Japanese people and the IMF. "

"In addition to developing an understanding of economics not only in theory but also in practice, JISPA has provided seminars related to the current issues which have helped improve the scholars' knowledge about the current economic conditions around the world. "

"JISPA has been my stepping stone to achieving my better career. Through JISPA, I gained a network with policymakers from different countries, which will be useful not only for me but also for my organization. "

"Since a long time ago, many staff of my organization have attended the JISPA, and the JISPA plays an important role in building human resources for my organization. "

"The program from the university was deliberately intellectual and comprehensive. The JISPA alumni have become more well-rounded and could acquire hands-on policy-making skills. "

"The JISPA has changed my way of thinking for research in the economics field. I believe that the knowledge that I acquired through this program would help me think deeply the economic dynamics and policy making process in my workplace. "

"The JISPA could help improve our personal ability which will help make right decisions on the economy in the future. "

"The economic theories I mastered and the skill sets I acquired from the courses under the JISPA will directly translate to being able to contribute in drafting policy recommendations and crafting a viable macroeconomic plan which my institution is mandated to do. "

"It is viewed as a great opportunity to earn a degree in Japan in my organization. Previous officers who graduated from Japan are performing a great job on their offices. "

"JISPA is an incredible initiative. I have tremendously benefited from this program and I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues and juniors in my organization. Thank you JISPA !! "